How to Disable HUD in Overwatch 2

How to Disable HUD in Overwatch 2? Overwatch 2 allows players to customize their user interface (UI) and heads-up display (HUD) to suit their preferences. While the default HUD provides a lot of useful information during matches, some players may find it cluttered or distracting. The good news is you can disable parts or all of the HUD for a cleaner, more immersive experience in Overwatch 2. Here is how to disable the UI and HUD elements on PC and console platforms.

Access the Options Menu

To modify Overwatch 2’s interface and HUD settings, you first need to access the Options menu. Here are the steps:

  • Launch Overwatch 2 on your platform
  • From the main menu, select ‘Options’
  • Go to the Controls section for PC or Controls & Bindings on console
  • Scroll down to find the ‘Interface’ or ‘HUD’ tab

This opens the menu where you can toggle visibility of individual UI elements.

Toggle HUD Components On/Off

Under the Interface/HUD tab, you will see a list of checkboxes for various UI elements that can be turned on or off:

  • Hit Markers: Shows hit confirmation indicators
  • Ally Health Bars: Teammate health meters
  • Objective Status: Progress bar and text for objectives
  • Action Feed: Kill notifications and chat messages
  • Fullscreen Map: Expanded map overlay
  • Player Outlines: Outlines around teammates

Uncheck any elements you want hidden. For example, disabling the action feed and objective status cleans up the center of the screen nicely. Make sure to scroll down and verify settings for All Heroes or Specific Heroes.

Bind Toggle HUD Hotkey

Along with toggling individual components, you can also bind a hotkey to instantly show or hide the entire HUD with one button press. Under the Interface tab:

  • Go to Hotkeys > Interface > Hide UI
  • Click on ‘Unbound’ and press your desired hotkey (e.g. F1)
  • This will now toggle the entire HUD on and off during matches

Use this for quickly comparing the unobstructed view vs your customized HUD.

Minimal Viable HUD

Some elements like the crosshair are mandatory for aiming abilities and weapons. But you can create a minimal HUD:

  • Enable just crosshair, ammo and ability cooldowns
  • Hide other central elements like health bars and notifications
  • Keep the minimal match timer visible for timing objectives
  • Use hotkey to quickly toggle between minimal and full HUD as needed

This gives you maximum screen space while retaining combat essentials.

No HUD for Immersion

If you want zero UI for total immersion, the steps are simple:

  • Toggle off all HUD components individually
  • Ensure ‘Hide UI’ hotkey is bound
  • When match starts, press hotkey to disable everything
  • Enjoy an unobstructed view and rely on audio cues
  • Tap hotkey anytime you need to briefly view status

You lose out on information but it offers a profoundly different experience.

Settings for Both Teams

By default, HUD settings are applied only to your team. But under the Interface options you can change it to:

  • Allied UI Only: Affects your team’s UI only
  • Enemy UI Only: Affects opponent team’s UI only
  • All UI: Affects UI for both teams

So disable all UI with ‘All’ for a HUD-free match. Communicate this to teammates first!

Overwatch 2 provides extensive customization over the UI and HUD so you can tailor them as desired. Take time to experiment with toggling individual elements along with hotkey binds for quick UI toggling. With the right settings, you can disable parts or all of the HUD for a minimalist, clean and immersive experience.

How to Disable HUD in Overwatch 2 FAQ

  1. Does disabling HUD remove crosshairs in Overwatch 2?

    No, crosshairs remain visible even with full HUD disabled for aiming weapons.

  2. Can I disable HUD for just my team or the enemy team?

    Yes, settings can be applied to just allies, enemies or both teams.

  3. Is disabling the HUD considered cheating in Overwatch 2?

    No, it is an included customization option and not considered cheating.

  4. Will my disabled HUD save between Overwatch 2 matches?

    Yes, your settings will be saved and persist between gaming sessions.

  5. Can I create HUD presets to quickly switch between different setups?

    Unfortunately, the game does not currently support UI/HUD presets to save and switch between different layouts.

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