How To Remove Clop Malware Using Windows Defender

In order to remove Clop Malware from your computer using Windows Defender, you have to make sure that it is up to date by checking for Windows update from the Settings Menu of your Windows Computer.

Remove Clop Malware from Windows 10

Clop is a type of ransomware designed to encrypt data and files and renaming them by affixing the .Clop extension. For example, a filename of testing.jpg will be renamed to testing.jpg.Clop. After Encryption is successful, it then makes a text file such as ClopReadMe.txt on each of the existing folders and it typically contains a ransom demand message displayed on your desktop to unlock your files.

Clop Malware is spread as a link on your emails, not only on your inbox but to spammed emails as well. Others are spread from websites and maladverts. It is delivered using a code-signed executable with a digital signature to make it more legit thus allowing it to skip detection from security software restricting the users to fully access its system. Since files are encrypted, a ransom is demanded to be paid so that the files will then be decrypted.

In here, we will teach you how to remove Clop Malware threat from your computer using Windows Defender.

Step by Step Guide to Remove Threat from Windows 10

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Using Windows Defender is the best and easiest way to remove a virus threat from your Windows Computer

  1. Click on the Start Button

    This button is located at the lower left side corner your screen.
    Clop Malware Using Windows Defender

  2. Click Settings

    An icon that looks like a gear. When clicked which will open the Settings window.
    Windows Settings

  3. Click Update & Security.

    Usually the last option in the Window Settings.
    Click Update & Security

  4. Click Windows Security

    This tab is located at the left side corner of the Update and Security Window.

    Click Windows Security

  5. Click Virus & Threat protection

    Located usually at the first option of the protection areas section.
    Remove Clop Malware

  6. Click Scan Option

    This is located under the Current threats section.

    Remove Clop Malware Using Windows Defender

  7. Select Full scan and Scan Now

    This will check all files and programs running on your hard disk. The scan usually takes longer than other scan options, usually more than an hour to complete. If a threat is found, it will then be removed.
    Remove Clop Malware Using Windows Defender

After performing the steps listed above you will successfully remove Clop malware using Windows Defender.

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