Lenovo C340 Vs Acer Spin 11 Best Budget 2 In 1 Chromebook in 2023

In the past, so many people regard Chromebook as a budget-friendly laptop that is incapable of performing many tasks. But that perception has changed when Chromebooks started having top performing features.   Although there are some more sophisticated options for the everyday user, those looking for affordable options will also find some good quality ones with basic features.

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The Lenovo c340 and Acer Spin 11 Chromebook are perfect examples of budget-friendly Chromebooks that are packed with high-performing features. You can save money by going for any of these models and still enjoy a lot of performance benefits.

However, when it comes to choosing between the two, which one will be ideal for you? That’s exactly what we will find out here. In the next section, we are going to compare both the Lenovo C340 and Acer Spin 11 Chromebook to find out their similarities and differences. In the end, you will be able to make the right call between the two laptops.

Comparing Lenovo C340 vs Acer spin 11

The Lenovo c340 and Acer spin 11 have certain similarities as well as differences. As both of them are Chromebooks, you should expect them to have a longer battery life. And they did not disappoint in that aspect.

Each of them boasts not less than 9 hours of battery strength. That should be enough for your office or school tasks until you get home to charge.  

The design of both Chromebooks looks similar, but on a close look, it seems Acer looks more stylish. If you love a convertible Chromebook you can use as a laptop as well as a tablet, the Acer Chromebook fits that description. It’s also a bit cheaper than the Lenovo model.

These are some of the similarities and differences between the two Chromebooks. In the next section, we are going to provide a detailed description of the top differences between these two Chromebooks, with more emphasis on the design, performance, features, and built quality.

Lenovo C340 Vs Acer Spin 11 – Design and Build

When it comes to design, the Lenovo c340 and Acer spin 11 have some things in common and quite a lot of difference too. They have similar weight but Lenovo is a bit lighter at 2.6 lbs while Acer weighs about 2.76 lbs.

Another clear similarity between the two Chromebooks is the fact that both of them are convertible laptops. The Acer Spin 11 can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet. It comes with hinges that easily flips to convert it to a tablet. That will be great for those looking for a convertible laptop.

Acer Spin 11 does not offer much when it comes to frills or flair. The brand focused more on durability than anything else. It is designed with a matte finish, which makes it more durable than the Lenovo model. It can take up a lot of rough-handling and hits without cracking up. That is why it’s suited for those who are always on the move.

On the other hand, the Lenovo model comes with a metal panel, and it is available in either platinum grey or Sand pink. It comes with a wedge-like shape, and both sides of the Chromebook are a bit tampered from the front edge towards the rear hinge. And just like the Acer Spin 11, this one comes with a sturdy hinge that rotates easily when converting to a tablet.

Lenovo C340 vs Acer spin 11 – Keyboard and touchpad

The Keyboard of both the Acer Spin 11 and Lenovo c340 is solidly designed and they offer good trackpad as well. However, the Acer spin has a chisel-style keyboard that stretches from edge to edge, which makes the most of the available space. This design significantly reduces errors as you type. 

There is a standard row of dedicated Chrome OS controls which is sitting above the main section. It allows you to easily move through apps and webpages. However, the Acer spin has no backlighting.

Acer’s touchpad is more spacious than the Lenovo touchpad. It also responds better to multi-fingered gestures, taps, and swipes better than Lenovo touchpad. But the good thing about the Lenovo keyboard is the fact that it comes with backlighting, which is great when typing or working in the night.

Lenovo C340 vs Acer spin 11 – Screen

The display size of both the Acer Spin 111 Chromebook and the Lenovo c340 are the same at 11.6 inches. The difference is the brightness. When compared side-by-side, the Lenovo Chromebook is brighter than the Acer counterpart. It’s sharper and brighter, which will come in handy when watching darker scenes in a movie.

However, the large button display at the bezel takes a lot of vertical space, which makes the display a bit smaller. This happens especially when you convert them to tablets. However, Acer Spin 11 is slightly better in that regard, because of the wider viewing space it leaves even when converted to a tablet.

Both also offer 360-degree hinges, which allow you to turn the screen into a tablet screen and comfortably watch movies.  Both also come with full HD resolution, giving them an edge over some other types of budget 2-in-1 Chromebooks in the market. It brings out the right resolution and brightness when watching Disney movies.

Music lovers would love to have laptop speakers that are loud enough with excellent sound technology. But one thing about Chromebooks is the fact that they are not loud. Both of these Chromebooks did not buck that trend, as they are a bit lackluster in performance. However, the Lenovo c340 Chromebook speakers are far better in terms of volume and performance. This is because of the dual 2W stereo speakers that optimize the sound quality.

Lenovo C340 vs Acer spin 11 – Ports and connections

The Lenovo s340 comes with good connecting ports, which includes Kensington luck, microSD card slot, a headphone/mic jack, 2 USB type C ports, and 2 USB Type-A ports, and 802.11ac wireless compatibility for Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, the Acer Spin 11 has a USB3.0 port and USB Type-C port on each side of the Chromebook. It also comes with headphone/microphone jack, as well as microSD card reader. It also has 802.11ac for Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. However, note that none of the two Chromebooks have HDMI connectivity, which is understandable considering their low cost.

Lenovo C340 Vs Acer Spin 11 Performance

In terms of performance, both the Acer and Lenovo Chromebooks are pretty basic. They would serve you if you need the laptop for general everyday tasks and for multitasking needs. However, their memory capacity and graphics feature may not provide enough power for hard-core gaming or graphics work. Let’s look at the performance feature each of them to have a clear picture of what you will be getting.

The Acer Spin 11 is equipped with a dual-core processor from Intel Celeron. It comes with 32 GB of eMMC flash memory and 4GB RAM. These features will surely be enough for some heavy workloads and multitasking. You can open several apps and tabs without overbearing the system.

Lenovo also comes with similar features with its 4GB RAM, 32 GB Intel processor, as well as a maximum of 1080 pixel resolution. The 1.1 GHz may not be enough in terms of speed for some heavy tasks, but it’s fast enough to handle most basic and moderate tasks.

The battery life of both laptops is 10 hours each. If you are choosing a system based on its battery life, making your choice between these two is going to be a bit harder, unless you consider their costs. Both laptops share the same battery strength and their workloads are similar too.

Overall, when comparing Lenovo c340 vs Acer Spin 11 laptops, there are slight differences between the two. They have so many things in common, including the design and performance level. But if you are looking for something more fashionable and a bit more durable, the Lenovo c340 should be the better choice. Of course, that means you have to spend more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to the most common questions about Lenovo C340 vs Acer Spin 11 Chromebooks.

  1. What is the disadvantage of using a Chromebook?

    Chromebooks do not have extensive features and they may not be suitable for tasks requiring advanced storage and memory capacities.

  2. Which is better between Lenovo C340 and Acer spin 11?

    They both have similar features. If you are looking for a less expensive model with good performance features, the Acer Spin 11 Chromebook is the better option.

  3. Do I need to protect my Chromebook with antivirus software?

    There is no need for that because Chromebooks are built with virus protection, as well as multi-layers of security. So, they come pre-installed with protection that doesn’t need additional protection.

  4. Are Acer and Lenovo Chromebooks good for watching movies?

    Yes, they have a bright screen and good screen resolution for sharp picture quality.

  5. Is Lenovo C340 Chromebook good?

    Yes, if you are looking for a Chromebook with basic features for different types of applications and use, the Lenovo C340 is a good choice.

  6. Can I use the Acer Spin 11 for gaming?

    Yes, the Acer Chromebook can be used for several types of games, but it may not be suitable for the high-end games that need advanced memory capacity.

LenovoLenovo Chromebook C340 LaptopCheck Price on Amazon
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