How to Print Wirelessly from Your PC Computer Using These Bluetooth Adapters

Every major manufacturer of printers sells at least a few wireless printers. These printers allow multiple people to easily share a single printer without messing around with USB cables, making them perfect for offices, dorm rooms, and home users. To enjoy the benefits of wireless printers, you don’t need to get rid of your reliable wired printer. Instead, you can simply purchase a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter compatible with your printer. With it, anyone can use the printer wirelessly, including users of iOS and Android mobile devices.

IOGEAR 1-Port USB 2.0 Wi-Fi Print Server

This feature-packed Wi-Fi print server from IOGEAR can instantly turn any USB printer into a network printer accessible over a LAN/WAN or the Internet. The print server supports the Internet Printing Protocol, an Internet protocol for communication between computers and printers that allows programs to send one or more print jobs to the printer or print server and perform administration.

The IOGEAR print server fully complies with the USB 2.0 specification, ensuring full compatibility with a wide range of printers from all manufacturers. Thanks to the built-in web management feature, it’s extremely simple to configure, monitor, and even reset the print server via a web browser.

TP-LINK TL-WPS510U Wi-Fi Print Server

This affordable Wi-Fi print server from TP-LINK allows you to effortlessly share any wired printer over Wi-Fi, with data-transfer speeds up to 54Mbps. It’s compatible with all modern operating systems and virtually all USB 2.0 printers. USB 3.0 printers should work fine as well, but TP-LINK didn’t test the print server with them. To keep your secured, the TL-WPS510U supports WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK encryption.

The print server is slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes, and the supplied power supply unit has a long cable, allowing you to easily reach the nearest power outlet. Just keep in mind that the USB cable that comes with the print server is just a few inches long. You can either install the print server somewhere on your printer or buy an extension.

HEWLETT HP bt500 Bluetooth Print Server

Made specifically for HP printers, the bt500 Bluetooth print server looks like a USB flash drive, but the plastic body actually hides a Bluetooth chip that turns any wired HP printer into a wireless printer with support for 128-bit encryption.

You can connect to the printer using any device with support for the Bluetooth technology, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. From there, it’s business as usually: select which documents or pictures you would like to print and send it to the printer over the air. Everything should work right out of the box.

Canon 2553B002AA BU-30 Bluetooth Print Server

Canon is widely known for their excellent photo printers. If you happen to own one and would like to make it slightly more useful by giving anyone the ability to quickly print pictures over the air, the Canon 2553B002AA BU-30 Bluetooth adapter is here to help you.

Just connect the adapter to your printer, wait a few minutes for the printer to automatically configure everything, turn on Bluetooth on your laptop or mobile device, and look for your printer. Once it appears on the list of available Bluetooth devices, select it, and wait for the pairing process to finish. You should then be able to print pictures wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Epson Bluetooth Photo Bluetooth Print Adapter

This Bluetooth adapter from Epson has been around for quite some time now. It’s fully compatible with RX600, RX620, RX700, and R300 photo printers from Epson. It supports BPP, BIP, HCRP, and OPP printing profiles for quick, easy communication with various devices, including cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers.

Just note that this adapter doesn’t like Mac computers and iOS devices. You might get it to work if you know what you are doing, but many people have failed. On the other hand, the Windows operating system is fully supported.