How to Turn Off Language Filter in League of Legends

How to Turn off Language Filter in League of Legends? League of Legends has a language filter enabled by default to censor offensive words and phrases. However, some players may wish to turn this filter off for a more raw chat experience. Here is how to disable the language filter in League of Legends.

What is the Language Filter in League of Legends?

The language filter in League of Legends automatically detects and censors inappropriate or offensive words and phrases in chat. When the filter is enabled, these words are replaced with asterisks (*).

For example, if a player typed a strong curse word, it would appear in chat as “****” instead. This prevents abusive, vulgar, or inappropriate language from being seen.

The filter works across all areas of chat in League – in-game, post-game lobbies, Clash team chat, private messages, etc. It aims to keep communication more positive.

Reasons Players Disable the Language Filter

While some appreciate the protection from toxicity the filter provides, others choose to disable it for various reasons:

  • To see the full, unfiltered chat experience with no censorship of other players’ messages
  • Finding the filter too strict at times, blocking innocent words or phrases
  • Communicating with premade teammates using strong language in a harmless, joking manner
  • Monitoring the extent of other players’ toxicity and harassment
  • Feeling that filtered strong language has less impact when trying to reform toxic players

Disabling the filter exposes players to more raw, uncensored communication which some prefer for a more authentic experience.

How to Turn Off the League of Legends Language Filter

Turning off the language filter is simple through the game’s chat settings:

  1. Open the League of Legends client and click on the gear icon for Settings
  2. Select the “Chat” tab on the left side of the settings menu
  3. Uncheck the box next to “Enable Language Filter”
  4. Click “Save” at the bottom to confirm the changes

The filter will now be disabled, and all chat messages will appear unfiltered with original vocabulary intact.

Effects of Disabling the Language Filter

With the League of Legends language filter turned off, players should expect to see more unfiltered language including strong profanity, insults, and slurs from the more toxic elements of the playerbase. Those sensitive to heavy profanity may wish to keep the filter enabled.

Additionally, your own potentially offensive language will now be visible to others with their filters still enabled. So refrain from overly abusive chat.

The separate Chat Filter that censors specific banned words and phrases will still function regardless of your language filter setting. And players can still be reported for excessive verbal harassment.

So be prepared for an unfiltered chat environment similar to mature online games and communities if you disable the language filter.

When You Might Want to Re-Enable It

Some situations where turning the language filter back on may be wise:

  • If you find the unfiltered toxicity too distracting or demoralizing during matches
  • When playing with more sensitive friends or younger players who benefit from the censorship
  • If you fear your account may be punished for your own unfiltered language
  • Muting individual toxic players proves burdensome and ineffective

Leaving it disabled isn’t necessary if the completely unfiltered chat proves more detrimental than beneficial. The filter exists to help control needless toxicity, after all.

Additional Options for Controlling Chat

Aside from the language filter, League has other options for managing incoming chat:

  • The Chat Filter bans specific toxic phrases like racial slurs that you set
  • Muting players completely removes their messages
  • Reporting players for extreme verbal harassment bans the account
  • Disabling /all chat removes communication with the enemy team

Use these tools in conjunction with the language filter setting to control your chat experience as needed.

Final Thoughts

The League of Legends language filter aims to provide a more positive chat environment by censoring offensive terms. Disabling it grants an unfiltered view of chat with raw, unaltered language on display. While this grants more freedom of communication, expect to see increased toxicity as a trade-off. Manage your chat with language filter settings and muting as appropriate for your preferences.

How to Turn off Language Filter in League of Legends FAQ

  1. Will turning off the language filter get my account banned?

    No, simply disabling the filter will not get you banned. However, using excessive verbal harassment and hate speech could still lead to account punishments.

  2. Does the language filter work in champion select chat lobbies?

    Yes, the filter censors inappropriate language across all chat channels in League of Legends when enabled.

  3. Can I disable the language filter for allies but keep it on for enemies?

    Unfortunately no, the filter can only be fully enabled or disabled. The same setting applies to all chat in the game.

  4. Can I get banned for what others say with my filter disabled?

    No, you will not be punished for the language used by other players, only your own. Their messages are not filtered for you specifically.

  5. If I disable the filter, does it show filtered words in other languages too?

    Yes, the filter detects and blocks inappropriate terms across many languages, not just English slurs and profanity.

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