5 Best MMORPG Games for PC in 2022

Are you running into that awful problem, the one that all gamers hate, the one that leaves you with only your thoughts? That’s right; you’re out of games to play and you need a couple more! We think MMORPG’s are pretty amazing, just because they’re so interactive, full of adventure, and you can meet and play with lots of new people. On top of that, they’re essentially endless, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of new content. Here are five MMORPG Games for PC that we think are the best out there for PC gaming this year.

Best MMORPG Games for PC

1. EVE Online

EVE Online is a sci-fi MMORPG, that has player-created empires and player-driven markets.You can join thousands of players in the battle against others or with each other. And if the pirate life isn’t for you, there is a multitude of space ore to be mined. You can use this “space ore” to create modules that can modify your ship, or you can use the space ore to create a new space ship. Another thing you can do with that ore is sell it on the player-driven market (hopefully before a nasty thief pirate comes and takes it away). Needless to say, EVE Online is a lot of fun and has a great storyline, as well as lots of adventures to embark on.

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2. Lord of The Rings Online

LOTRO (or Lord of The Rings Online) is a fantasy MMORPG, set in a world created by Tolkien based off the Lord of The Rings book series. This story will take you from Bree all the way to Gondor, and on the way you will encounter countless NPC’s with quests that will have you fighting against the dark lord Sauron. In LOTRO, you’ll also help the fellowship of the ring complete their quest to destroy the one ring of power.

There is a ton of other stuff you can do as well, like buying a house and furnishing it, enjoying one of the many events (such as Hobnanigans, Yuletide, and more), or just running around looking at the great scenery. Or, if you like to role play, hop on a role-playing specific server and host a concert in town. LOTRO really transports players to another world of dragon-slaying, where each seemingly small quest is actually a piece of the bigger picture: saving Middle Earth for good. If you’re looking to take up an epic conquest, Lord of the Rings Online is the perfect game for you.

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3. Star Trek Online

You can explore the final frontier in this great sci-fi MMORPG Games for PC: Star Trek online. This game may be a little older, but if you’re a Star Trek fan such as myself, you’ll just be excited to explore the vast reaches of the final frontier and happy to command your own ship, whether it be the classic Enterprise or something else.

Rather than being a story driven MMORPG, like LOTRO, Star Trek Online is more of an adventure game. You’ll spend most of your time exploring planets and their species, or flying around space discovering space stations. And when you run into these new species, you could be all diplomatic, but if they start firing at you, I recommend shooting back until you can escape, coming back only when you’re a little more prepared. Basically, you will be put at the helm of your own ship during the war between the Romulans, the Klingons, and the Federation, but there is a peace treaty made, so everyone can focus on figuring out a newly-discovered magical sphere. If you’re a die-hard Star Trek fan, you’re definitely going to want to check out Star Trek Online.

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4. ArcheAge

ArcheAge is an MMORPG fantasy game. In ArcheAge, you get to pick between two continents to decide your origin, and then three powers to decide what class or role you will play. While that concludes the character creation, next you will go out in one of the continents, exploring the vast and open lands, fighting against the evil that’s never been seen before. You can also create your own house or castle on an island in your place of origin.

In ArcheAge, you’re entering a world full of possibility. There’s plenty to do with others if teaming up is your thing, or you can branch out and forge your own path without looking back. What’s really unique about this game is that there’s many different ways to play, whereas a lot of MMORPG Games for PC kind of set you on one path you have to follow. If you’re looking for something intriguing and different than what you’re used to, we definitely recommend checking ArcheAge out.

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5. DC Universe

DC Universe puts you in the shoes of a super villain or a superhero, in a fight for power or for glory. In this game, you can fight all the iconic super villains or superheroes. You’ll also get to take advantage of all the perks that come with being super, like extreme speed, the ability to fly, climb great distances, and more. You’ll get quests to fight against HIVE, all the way to Lex Luthor or the Joker, and plenty more.

The neat thing about DC Universe Online is that there’s no other game out there like it. While there’s a lot of games set in the Dark Ages, many formed in fantasy worlds with dragons and knights, this is really the only online game specifically based on superheroes, which makes it unique. DC Universe Online offers a different experience for seasoned gamers and superhero fans alike.

Best MMORPG Games for PC Our Take

Each of these games offer an interesting experience, as none are alike. So if you’re looking for some MMORPGs to add to your arsenal, definitely give these a try. While MMORPGs are typically subscription based, these are also free to play, at least for a brief amount of time, so you can see if they’re something you’d be into. They’re certainly worth giving a shot!