6 Best Laptop Sleeves for the Dell XPS 13

Being among the most loved laptops, the Dell XPS 13 is a device that you should touch with reverence. This means making sure it’s comfortable and properly protected when in transit, which in turn means covering it with something which you can rely on. With the 6 best laptop sleeves for the Dell XPS 13, you rest assured that your laptop is protected in all ways.

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It’s easy to just pick up a versatile device bag, however since it’s so popular, there exist numerous cases that are ideal for the Dell device. These sleeves are the most excellent options when it comes to the issue of purchasing a most befitting sleeve case for your XPS 13.

1). Dell Essential Laptop Sleeve

Dell’s essential stylish case offers myriad of options: sure, you can choose the specific XPS model which you want the sleeve to adapt, pick your own trim (micro type trim or the grizzly leather), and of course choose if it’ is the vertical or the horizontal case — also the alternative to include different sorts  of bag straps. This pushes an already nice case to be among the best options for the XPS. The inside comes cushioned with neoprene, as well the outside is produced of the waxed canvas (though you could also choose the ballistic type of nylon material).

Owners of the Dell XPS 13 have got to love this sleeve. It comes in a compact size which ensures that your XPS snugly fits right inside. It serves as a means of protection, mainly when you have to put your laptop in your backpack and have this as an added cover too.

With the Essential laptop sleeve from Dell, be rest assured that your precious laptop will be kept safe and furthermore, the case has a beautiful interior which keeps the other shell of the laptop nice and sufficiently covered.

The interior of the sleeve is 100% polyester and the exterior is neoprene, which is comprised of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

The Dell Essential laptop sleeve offers the most basic protection for the XPS 13. It is best suited for light duty or for carrying inside a different bag. It offers enough scratch protection and comes with sufficiently liquid repelling characteristics.  It provides protection from real impacts and the slightest bumps.

The zippers of the sleeve do work smoothly and its overall appearance is pretty attractive.

2). Dell Premier Sleeve 13

If you are going to prefer to choose the sleeve endorsed plus sold by a manufacturer of this device itself, then Dell made Premier Sleeve 13 could be the one to choose. Built specially to encase the XPS 13, the case is strong, with the right stitching protect the insides, whilst staying flexible enough to prevent the device from rattling in the inside.

The sleeve comes equipped with a soft internal and durable microfiber lining which helps to protect the laptop against drops and scratches. The sleeve also sports a stylish and unique design which has the Dell logo in front of it. Further features also include a large opening for easy access as well as seamless loading, the sleeve can also be made to fit snugly to the laptop as well as secure it tightly with the magnetic closure. Additionally, there is the presence of a high quality pearlized PU and an internal microfiber lining to shield against scratches.

The side of the case has a special pen holder that you won’t lose track about little stylus device and the entire sleeve comes light weighted, making it simple to transport. Sporting a plastic design, it can handle a few bumps and wear also, without sporting a mark.

The design doesn’t sport a carry strap that you may need have into another case for totality portability, however it’s reasonably cheap and will ensure your XPS 13 looks good throughout the time.

Generally, despite the increasing mixed reviews about the Dell premier sleeve, it is a quality product and it fits the XPS perfectly well. It is a great alternative for traveling with because of the compact footprint of both the laptop and the sleeve.

With that said, the magnets are not that strong, however, the two flaps across the top of the sleeve remain closed each time that the laptop is inside. All you have to do is just flip them up when you need to and pull out your XPS.

3). Tomtoc laptop case

Tomtoc has got of the most accepted laptop bags around and with the perfect reason. The 3-inch size 360 protective bag comes as a perfect fit meant for the Dell XPS 13 device owners because it combines a strong exterior with the padded interior.

There exist some few patented processes at play with this design like the corner armor, however they are due to some extra padding at major points most noticeably the corners as well as the bottom of this sleeve.  Other cushioning features for the Tomtoc case includes an interior feature that is padded by a soft element and overall padding which encloses the zipper, this device is ultimately safeguarded from scratches plus dents.

The feature is included just to protect your laptop from becoming damaged when it gets bumped against another item or whenever the device gets dropped by the owner at a height. This should mean that the owner can put the bag down without fear of the laptop ever damaging inside. This also offers some protection for dropped damage. This soft material preset at the inside fends off scratching also.

Along with its main compartment with the XPS 13f, this case also comes along with double sided pockets which sports enough space to accept all manner of accessories. This main pocket has enough room for the storing of your device accessories like the power bank, and the power adapter, also the mouse plus other portable elements.

All pockets are sealed by the sturdy zips and as well this bag can properly be worn around the shoulder by using the ever-comfortable carry on the strap, or been carried about the sturdy handle.

4). Dell Professional Case 13

Slip your Dell XPS 13-inch laptop into this stylish professional sleeve from the same manufacturer of the XPS 13. The Dell XPS 13 protects your 13-inch laptop wherever you go. The elaborately-stylish heather black exterior is still water resistant that it protects your laptop totally from the weather.

Highly affordable plus well-designed, the sleeve has a plush type of French blue decorated interior which leaves your laptop tight and secure. There’s also an abundance of extra room, including the front organizer close panel for device accessories or their personal items.

The sleeve’s pretty bright interior comes well-padded with extra protection, whereas that strap around the back comes much ideal for fixing the sleeve on the luggage or other different objects. You can safely carry your XPS 13 while using this handle attached to the case or make good use of the rather detachable and adjustable arm strap for a good hands-free carriage.

Its simple-grip zipper pulls offer quick access and ease to all the everyday essentials that you can save at the front compartment. Furthermore, the sleeve has been made to adequately safeguard the XPS 13 from any kind of adverse weather by the provision of weather resisting materials that prevent damage. The rather heather gray exterior of the sleeve comes with a water-repelling functionality to prevent damage of the XPS 13 due to water as you do go your daily activities.

The front organizer access panel keeps every one of your everyday favorite accessories within your reach and naturally the easy-going long zipper cords allow you to have easy access straight to straight device pens and your wallet. While traveling, you can slide the sleeve straight onto your rolling luggage along with its included easy trolley strap.

In terms of the weight of the sleeve, the sleeve comes in a lightweight and comfortable form which enables you to carry it around easily with handles. These handles allow you to grab and go. Or alternatively, you could just go hands free by using the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

It does open up to 180 degrees and you can easily get your books or charger from it. With a modest design, it isn’t too flashy and it is capable of holding everything from books to pencils, to calculators as well as lab goggles.

5). Walnew Sleeve

For the simple scratch plus impact protection, this Walnew case for the Dell XPS device comes with being an excellent choice. With the compact, most affordable, plus it provides great cushioning meant for your notebook. Works with pretty standard XPS plus the XPS 13 sized, it offers the dual material production with the faux-leather external plus the soft inside to avoid blemishes and damage by knocks plus short distance drops.

Your Dell XPS laptop fits properly into the protected sleeve when it is placed inside this sleeve. The sleeve is good enough and ensures that the notebook stays spotless and not smashed up during time periods when it is not in usage.

Equipped with two pockets, the main pocket is meant for carrying the laptop while the front area is meant for smaller items like phones, headphones, cables, pens, papers, and so on. The fold which comes with the bag can be adapted to work as a pad for your mouse, in the case that you forget to carry your mouse pad at hand.

The exterior material of the sleeve does have great quality and it can be cleaned simply with the use of a rag. Due to the compact and conservative size of the sleeve, it would fit in smoothly to your backpack. Hence, it will not add much weight and it can be carried along in the backpack for convenience without having the need to ever drop it down.

As a convenient Notebook sleeve, inserting and taking out your laptop from the internal pouch of this sleeve is a breeze which requires no effort at all. In terms of its fitness for use, the Wallnew sleeve for the Dell XPS 13 can be used by students for their everyday use during the semester or it can be used by the very busy business executives for their tasks.

6). Domiso Canvas Laptop Sleeve

Domiso’s incredibly versatile case is a pretty fit for this 13-inch size Dell device like the XPS. The option gives users plenty of alternatives for how they want the bag carried.  The sleeve which has water-resistant features sports a shoulder strap with a soft handle which will come in handy for PC users that like to make use of their laptop devices while on the go. The shoulder strap can either be adjusted or detached from the sleeve. This shoulder strap can be utilized in the most convenient way or it can be kept in the front pocket of the sleeve, when not being used.

The sleeve also sports two additional pockets which are intended to increase the space storage to a maximum. This provides sufficient space for small devices like pens, chargers, cables, mouse, power banks as well as other accessories of the laptop.

The laptop sleeve is a highly rated option for your Dell XPS 13. The sleeve sports up to 5 layers of protection for your Dell XPS 13 laptop device. It has an external water resistant coating. This also includes lining and padding the area with soft material with absorbs shock and protects the laptop against sudden bumps. Additionally, the sleeves serve as a means of keeping the laptop clean from dirt, scratches, and dust.

This external cover of canvas increases the USB connection plus a headphone input jack for properly listening to any music or rather charging devices as you literally are out on the move. This also sports a few new front pockets which can hold several other devices as well as other necessities. Also, the external part is water-resistant, whereas the interior comes padded for several extra bump shielding.


These are the 6 best laptop sleeves for the Dell XPS. They can provide the most excellent protection for your stylishly designed laptop. If you are looking to purchase a stylishly designed and lightweight sleeve, you should opt for a sleeve that would safeguard your laptop at all times whether during usage or otherwise.

Furthermore, these cases are equipped with additional pockets in the event that you need more storage space for your accessories.

That is all there are to the best 6 laptop sleeves. Aside from minor glitches, there are no real downsides to these sleeves. They are all nice sleeves and they look the part while ensuring that your Dell XPS 13 stays safe at all times.

DellDell Essential Sleeve 13Check Price on Amazon
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