7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024

In this day and age, there is quite an abundance of choices when it comes to picking a monitor for your new setup. However, among all of the different choices, most people would agree that 1440p 144hz monitors are the best. Because of this, we have decided to check them out and try to deliver the best 1440p 144hz Monitors options to you. Hopefully, you will find the monitor you need, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite games, movies, shows, and more.

7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 11DellDell S-Series 27-Inch ScreenCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 12DellDell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-InchCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 13AOCAOC Agon AG241QX 24Check Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 14acerAcer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27Check Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 15LenovoLenovo Monitor, L24q 23.8-Inch MonitorCheck Price on Amazon

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Best 1440p 144hz Monitors

Best 1440p 144hz Monitors

1. Dell S2417DG

The first on our list has to be Dell’s model S2417DG. This model, also a member of its S-series, is a gaming monitor that is a perfect option for those who want a budget version of a 1440p 144Hz monitor.

This is a 24-inch solution which offers a number of desirable features that every true gamer will appreciate. Let’s start with the fact that it has an LED-backlit TN panel with 24 inches in diagonal. Meanwhile, it also offers a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which makes it quite sharp. In other words, if your computer has enough strength to power this monitor — you will experience an excellent, sharp, clear picture.

Next, there is Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive sync tech. With it, you can forget about issues such as screen tearing or anything like that. Of course, it does require Nvidia’s GPU in order to work properly. However, you will get an extremely enjoyable and smooth gaming experience, which is further improved by a 165Hz refresh rate. Not only that, but the response time is 1ms, meaning that the monitor is perfect even for online competitive games, where your reaction speed is crucial.

The monitor is also amazing on the outside, where it features an anti-glare coating. That way, you will have a much better viewing experience. Next, it also comes with an excellent stand that will make it very sturdy. Not to mention the fact that it can pivot, tilt, or swivel, so you can position it any way you’d like. It fits into pretty much any gaming setup, and it is not too huge so that it can fit most desks, too.

Finally, in terms of connectivity — the model offers HDMI, DisplayPort, and a USB 3.0 port. Granted, there are solutions that offer more, but those are hardly budget-friendly models such as this one. This model is the best overall, in terms of what it offers, how much it costs, and alike, so do consider it.

Best 1440p 144hz Monitors

2. Dell S2719DGF

Then,  since we have started the list with a Dell product — it is only fitting to end it with one, too. This is where Dell S2719DGF will serve us well, as a great solution by one of the best-known companies in the world of professional monitors, with their Alienware gaming lineup, or their Ultrasharps.

Now, this particular model does not belong to either of those two lineups. Still, we stand by what we said, and consider it to be a great solution. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer, so that you would understand why.

First of all, this model’s design is absolutely Dell’s. It features all of the things that Dell is best-known for, including minimal design, extremely slim bezels, as well as sturdiness which is not so easily found elsewhere. Not to mention an excellent stand, which is highly-adjustable, at that.

Simply put, the model looks great, and this is also a perfect choice of a monitor for those who wish to use multiple of them at once, since the borders between them will be barely visible.

Next, we have the panel, which is a 2560×1440 TN panel, with response time being 1ms, and a refresh rate being 144Hz. And, as a 1440p 144Hz FreeSync monitor, it will provide an extremely smooth gaming experience, provided that you use it in combination with AMD GPUs. You should have no stuttering, no tearing, and no other issues, either.

Another great feature is that it is fully compatible with G-Sync, although you will face the same issue as with another model mentioned before, where a DisplayPort is necessary to enable it. Alternatively, you can overclock it and reach a refresh rate of 155Hz.

In the end, it is a cheap solution, and also one of the best 1440p 144Hz monitors that you will find, which is why we believe that it deserves a place on this list.

Best 1440p 144hz Monitors

3. AOC AG241QX

Then, we have AOC Agon, which has been one of the favorite options of those who appreciate budget-friendly 1440p 144Hz monitors. Obviously, the low cost would mean little if the monitor didn’t provide excellent performance, alongside it. So, let’s see what makes it so popular among users around the world.

First of all, it is a 24-inch panel, which is actually a pretty good TN panel. The model has good brightness, great color reproduction, and a 2560×1440 resolution. All of these together make for one pretty nice image, which you get to view from some excellent viewing angles — 170 degrees horizontally, and 160 degrees vertically.

As mentioned, the monitor also has a refresh rate of 144Hz, as well as an amazing response time of 1ms, meaning that it is perfect for games that require you to respond as quickly as possible in order to keep your advantage. That includes races, eSports games, FPS games, and more.

In terms of connectivity, you will need either a Dual-Link connection or a DisplayPort, in order to make 144Hz a possibility. Otherwise, you will have to use VGA, HDMI, or DVI, which will only be able to ensure you 60Hz. This is definitely something that you will want to keep in mind before making a decision. Apart from that, it also has four USB 3.0 ports, one of which is great for fast charging.

Luckily, that is not all that this monitor has to offer. In fact, it also has AOC’s well-known QUickSwitch controller. With it, you can quickly and easily move between different customized modes, specially created for gaming. There are three of them, so you will have some choices, even though there is no guarantee that you will actually like them.

Finally, you will also get two 3W speakers, that come built into this monitor, which are a nice touch, although they are nothing special.

All in all, it is a great monitor, with nice design and good features. It does condition you to use DisplayPort or a Dual-Link connection in order to get to the promised 144Hz, but it can still deliver it, and it will cost you a very low amount, which makes worth making a compromise or two, at least in our opinion. In the end, you must decide for yourself, but we believe it to be a pretty decent choice.

4. Acer Predator XB271HU

Another very popular model that often fails ti get the attention it deserves is Acer Predator XB271HU. The model offers a very similar IPS panel that PG279Q uses. However, this monitor still stands out because of implementation.

There have been numerous debates regarding these two models, their design, and alike. However, it appears that the majority of users seem to believe that the color performance is simply better at XB271HU than at most others among its competition. Not only that, but it also has a very long, excellent reputation, and it is known as a product with the best quality control.

Of course, the IPS lottery challenge is still present, and even this model couldn’t have gotten rid of it. However, according to the user feedback, it doesn’t seem like a lot of people have a problem with it, and issues like IPS glow or backlight bleed are not that troubling.

Even the model’s design is quite stunning, with the company’s famous red-and-black theme, which increases the gamer effect to its maximum. The monitor is also quite inexpensive, which may come as a surprise — but a welcome one. It features a 27-inch display, which comes in Full HD, with a 144Hz refresh rate, and a response time of 1ms, which is quite outstanding. It also has in-built speakers, an HDMI, USB 3.0 port, DP, and an audio jack.

All in all, we expect that you will be extremely pleased with this monitor, especially since Acer still knows how to surprise you in a most unpredictable way, simply by providing an excellent quality solution when you least expect it.

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Best 1440p 144hz Monitors

5. Lenovo L24q

Next, we have a product by Lenovo, which is rather well-known for the quality of its products. This time, it is a Lenovo L24q, which is another excellent model that comes at a very solid, budget price.

As you likely assumed, this is also a great monitor to be used for gaming purposes. Its bezels are so thin that you will barely notice that they exist at all. Apart from that, the monitor features a very sleek, silver exterior. This makes it look extremely modern and quite beautiful on the outside, which will ensure that it will fit into your gaming setup quite nicely, but it can also work well in the office or other places.

It also has a great stand, which is quite sturdy, and it allows the monitor to be positioned comfortably. Not only that, but it can be adjusted in a lot of ways such as tilting. Its only real downside in terms of setting it up is that it cannot be mounted since VESA mounting is not supported. In other words — you can’t position it on a wall, and it will have to stand on a desk.

It also features a great IPS panel, which does wonders when it comes to color reproduction, wide viewing angles, as well as great visuals, in general. Not only that, but you get a response time of 4ms, and a 60Hz refresh rate, both of these features are rather well-known when it comes to 1440p monitors. Generally speaking, we are more than satisfied with how it all looks, especially considering this monitor’s price.

In terms of connectivity — Lenovo’s solution is truly nothing special. It features two ports, one of which is DisplayPort, and the other is an HDMI one. Both are a great thing to have on a monitor that features this type of resolution, although we would have liked to see something else, such as a Dual-Link DVI-D port, for example.

In conclusion, the monitor is a bit basic when it comes to extra features, but it is still one of the best solutions we could find when it comes to excellent monitors that can be found at a low price. It has a cool, modern design, so it has a great look to it. It also comes with great features such as the IPS panel, good quality, and decent connectivity. The only real drawbacks are that it doesn’t have more ports and that it cannot be mounted on a wall, but if you don’t care about that — it is a great monitor fro you.

Best 1440p 144hz Monitors

6. Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD

In a similar — if slightly higher — price range, we have Gigabyte’s Aorus AD27QD. Now, to be honest — Gigabyte is not the first thing you think when you think of monitors. This is a company that provides top motherboards and GPUs, no doubt about it, but what can be expected of their monitors?

Well, judging by Aorus AD27QD — quite a bit, actually. This is more than a gaming display. In fact, it might be one of the most color-accurate monitors we have seen while searching for great models to put on the list.

The model is also quite adjustable, which we found to be quite a nice touch. Also, it has a very impressive panel, which is a great plus and one of its great advantages.

When it comes to the panel, it is a 27-inch FreeSync panel, which will likely make this model a favorite of those who like their monitors on the higher end of the spectrum. It has a resolution of 2560×1440, and a refresh rate of 144Hz, while its response time is just as fast as that of all most others on this list — 1ms.

Already, all of this is more than enough to impress you, especially since it is coming from the company that doesn’t specialize in gaming monitors. However, that is not where the excellent features stop, and this monitor actually offers a 10-bit IPS panel, which has a very high dynamic range, allowing it to cover the DCI-P3 color spectrum.

As mentioned, the colors are superb, and it is absolutely a go-to monitor for any work that can be considered creative, or that requires highly-accurate colors.

And not only that, but this model also impresses on the outside. For example, it features an ergonomic stand, which is responsible for the previously-mentioned excellent adjustability. You can do anything with this monitor, including tilt it, swivel it, pivot it, as well as adjust its height. No matter what position you need it in — it will obey you, and you can easily get it just right.

Even that is not all, since we still haven’t even mentioned connectivity. Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD offers one DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI 2.0 ports, as well as 2 USB 3.0 ports. Add to that the fact that it also offers a bit of RGB backlight, and you have a beautiful, modern, high-performing monitor, whose price is barely high enough to be called slightly cheaper. We really believe that you would enjoy this model, and we encourage you to try it out.

Best 1440p 144hz Monitors

7. Asus PG278QR

In the last spot, we have Asus ROG Swift PG278QR. This model comes as a significantly better version of ROG Swift PG278Q. However, even this model was considered to be one of the best for quite a while. Now that it received its upgraded version, you will likely understand why we thought it worthy of the list.

Asus PG278QR features the same high quality of the design as its predecessor, and that includes a TN panel, which can reproduce some rather incredible color, as well as a great contrast. It definitely proved once and for all that IPS is not always necessarily better than TN, and that there are instances where the two can be just as good.

The model’s refresh rate can now also be moved further up, to 165Hz, while its response time is extremely fast, sitting at only 1ms. Even the input lag lasts only a bit over 3 seconds, which means that this monitor is easily one of the fastest solutions on the market, and it will be among the best ones for quite some time.

Next, it offers G-Sync, which also contributes to the display’s rather excellent capabilities- It is safe to say that this model will make 1440p gaming with AAA titles not only possible, but extremely enjoyable, and a true masterpiece when it comes to the image quality, sharpness, and overall performance.

This is actually very important for titles like Battlefield, where it is really difficult to reach the maximum threshold if your FPS happens to change all the time. This is where Nvidia actually comes in, delivering its proprietary VRR technology. With it, you will experience an extremely smooth transition and just as smooth images during even the most demanding games.

And, thanks to the fact that the panel is still a TN product — you won’t experience artifact ghosting since the pixels respond extremely quickly.

This monitor will definitely take care of you, and make sure that you get the best experience you could possibly hope for. But even all of this is not all there is to mention since this brand comes with their own gamer-focused features. For example, you get GamePlus, as well as some genre-based presets, so you don’t have to set everything up yourself. Next, there is a well-designed — albeit a bit aggressive — exterior, which is also considered to be among the best ones in the market. And, finally, there is an inclusion of a multi-direction joystick, so that you can navigate the OSD with ease and enjoyment.

That is something that high-end monitors desperately need, and yet fail to procure. So, in the end, with excellent performance, top craftsmanship, beautiful design, and a price that is still not too scary — this model will definitely capture your attention, and we fully recommend testing it out if you are looking for something epic.

Best 1440p 144hz Monitors Conclusion

And with that, this list is done. We have featured a number of excellent monitors, most of which are actually quite affordable, with excellent features and surprise or two every now and then. It is very likely that any of these solutions — or at least most of them — will do the trick for anyone who needs a 1440p 144Hz monitor, whether you need it for gaming or enjoying movies and tv shows. All that remains is to go through the list, inspect each model thoroughly, and make your choice.

7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 11DellDell S-Series 27-Inch ScreenCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 12DellDell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-InchCheck Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 13AOCAOC Agon AG241QX 24Check Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 14acerAcer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27Check Price on Amazon
7 Best 1440p 144hz Monitors in 2024 15LenovoLenovo Monitor, L24q 23.8-Inch MonitorCheck Price on Amazon

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