7 Best Mini-ITX Case for Gaming PC In 2020

Gaming PCs tend to take up a lot of space around your desk, whether you’re setting it on the ground or somewhere on your desk. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, that can be a major problem, but luckily — as it seems with everything in 2020 and beyond — there’s a hardware solution to fix that!

That solution is something called Mini ITX. Mini ITX is a much smaller motherboard than the standard ATX boards, but allows you to have a computer in a lower profile. If you’ve never heard of Mini ITX, that’s because it’s not entirely commonly spoke about.

You can build a Mini ITX gaming PC, making yourself an overall more compact PC; however, keep in mind that Mini ITX as a whole was designed for smaller computing tasks. A Mini ITX setup just is never going to be able to achieve the power that a standard ATX setup can.

That said, if you’re still interested in giving Mini ITX a shot, follow along with us below — we’re showing you the best Mini-ITX case for gaming PC. Let’s dive right in.


Thermaltake Core V1

If you’re on a budget, you’ll definitely want to see what Thermaltake has to offer in the Core V1 Mini ITX case. It’s an extremely compact case, but does have the shape of a cube. Due to its cube shape, the Core V1 can actually support a video card of normal size.

You don’t have to worry about trying to search out a “mini” graphics card for this case — a normal size one that supports mini ITX will do just fine. It’s got great airflow, and there’s even a pre-installed 200mm fan to keep components cool.


Cooler Master Elite 110

Next up is a name that you’ll likely be familiar with — the Cooler Master Elite 110. The case, just like the Thermaltake, is pretty compact in size. Even with its small profile, there’s some great ventilation here, so your hardware components will stay cool. On top of that, there’s a 120mm fan installed, as well as two 80mm fans on the side. There’s some nice LED lighting included, as well as a bevy of USB 3.0 ports on the case itself.


SilverStone SST-SG13B

SilverStone SST-SG13B comes up as our third contender. It’s a fairly no-name brand that isn’t nearly as recognizable as, say, Cooler Master; however, it’s still a high quality mini-ITX case that yu can’t go wrong with.

It fits both Mini-ITX and Mini-DTX motherboards, and comes as well ventilated for maximum airflow. Unfortunately, there aren’t any actual fans included with this case.


Next up, we have NZXT’s H200. If you’re looking for more of your standard tower, this one will be right up your alley. This one comes with an all-steel construction, so it’s a hefty case, but also features that mini-ITX platform. And because of that steel construction, there are actually four unique color combinations that you can get the H200 in.

There’s a neat cable management system included, keeping cables routed in a make-sense way, and out of the way when you’re moving components around. This is also water-cooling ready, but does come with two air fans out of the box.

InWin A1 Plus

InWin’s A1 Plus is a monster of a Mini-ITX case for PC gaming. One of the most unique and cool things about it is that you can personalize your rig with a variety of different RGB modes. The base of the case, or the stand, has a bunch of RGB lights inside that can be customized to create a beautiful lighting experience. It can really make your case stand out, and even create some uniformity for those that already have a lighting setup going.

This one comes equipped with two complementary Sirius Loop ASL120 fans, and then there’s also a built-in 650-watt power supply unit. Cables are already routed, and then there’s actually room for two GPU units.


Cooler Master Elite 130 Mini ITX

In fourth place, we have another sweet option from Cooler Master — this time the Elite 130 Mini ITX computer case. This one actually has a whole lot more room than the other Cooler Master, which allows you to fit larger components inside.

There’s plenty of vents for good ventilation; however, it also comes with a 120mm fan. Since it’s roomier, it can actually fit a graphics card up to 343mm in length! This one is pretty nice on a budget, coming in at just $50.


Thermaltake Suppressor F1 Mini ITX Case

And finally, we have Thermaltake’s own Suppressor F1 Mini ITX Case. This is a nice, compact case than can fit plenty of hardware in. It’s also one of the best cases available for ventilation and cooling — this one comes with a large 200mm fan on the front, and then another two 80mm fans on the rear — suffice to say, your components will stay extremely cool in this compact case.

Additionally, there are a handful of USB 3.0 ports that are built right into the case, which gives you more room for accessories and peripherals. As far as specifics go, this one from Thermaltake can fit video cards that are 255mm in length, as well as four storage drives, a 140mm CPU cooler, and plenty more.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent Mini ITX cases available for gaming. Any one of these won’t take up too much space around your desk, but just keep in mind that Mini ITX as a whole isn’t able to perform as well as standard ATX — that means that you’re not going to be able to play many of the latest games on High settings.

Do you have a favorite Mini ITX case?