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7 Best Liquid CPU Cooler For i5-9600k In 2019

So you’re wanting to get into liquid cooling for your new i5-9600k processor, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start. Liquid cooling is an awesome and creative way to take your processor cooling capabilities to the next level. It might be a little more pricey, but it’s worth it in that you get a

7 Best Motherboards for i5-7600K in 2019

So you’re building a massive, powerful personal computer, and you want to put the even more impressive Intel Core i5-7600K quad core processor inside of it. That’s some some serious power right there — you’ll be able to handle just about any application or video game with this; however, you need a properly equipped motherboard to go with

7 Best Air CPU Coolers For i7-8700k In 2019

So you’re building your own PC — you’ve picked out an awesome i7-8700k processor as well as a sweet motherboard; however, you need to make sure that your processor stays cool. Processors output a lot of heat, especially when they’re under a heavy load, and as you might’ve guessed: heat is a processor’s worst enemy.

7 Best Motherboards For GeForce RTX 2070

So you’re looking at picking yourself up a GeForce RTX 2070, or already have. Not quite as powerful as its bigger brother, the GeForce RTC 2080, but so much more affordable. It’s an excellent Quad HD video card, but you still need to make sure that you have an excellent motherboard to go with it,

7 Best Liquid CPU Cooler For i7 8700k In 2019

You might think that water and electronics would go together as smoothly as a cat in water, but with new technology, water is one of the best ways that we can keep our computer components cooled and running at normal operating temperatures. Of course, you can’t just dump a bucket of water on your components

7 Best Liquid CPU Cooler For i7-9700k In 2019

Almost every area of technology is advancing at insane rates, and that also goes for the cooling systems in our computers. They’re getting smaller and more efficient, but not only that, but we’re developing new and advanced ways to keep our systems running at optimal temperatures. One of those amazing inventions is liquid cooling —

7 Best Liquid CPU Cooler For i9-9900k In 2019

The i9-9900k from Intel is a powerhouse of a processor. It’s not the CPU for the average, everyday user — it’s the processor you pick up if you need a workhorse. As with any processor that can output that much power, you also generate a whole lot more heat and need a cooling system to

7 Best Motherboards For NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

You’re finally building or upgrading your dream machine, and all you’ve got is cash to spend, so you’ve picked up only the best: the GeForce TX 2080 Ti. There’s no video card out there better than this in terms of performance, but what you’ve also likely find out is that there’s few motherboards on the

7 Best Air CPU Coolers For i7-9700k In 2019

It goes without saying, the i7-9700k is an excellent processor that will be able to handle essentially anything you throw at it. High-end gaming? No problem. Doing some video editing? Not an issue for the prowess of the i7-9700k. However, do keep in mind that heat is one of the enemies processors, which can quickly

7 Best Air CPU Coolers For i9-9900k In 2019

The i9-9900k is a top performer in octa- (eight) core processors. If you’re looking for top end performance for high-end gaming, video editing, programming, and other demanding uses, this is the processor for you. Sheer power. However, al of that extra power does equal more heat output, and if you don’t have the right cooling

7 Best Air CPU Coolers For i5-9600k In 2019

So you’ve picked out your motherboard, your i5-9600k processor, and your PC case, but now you need some components to keep your processor and CPU socket safe from heat output. To do that, we usually use an air CPU cooler. Most on the market right now will work for all Intel and AMD sockets, but

7 Best Motherboards for i5-9600K in 2019

Building your own PC for the first time? Then you’ve probably got things like the video card, power supply, hard drive, SSD, and accessories sorted out, but you don’t necessarily know what to do about the motherboard. You’ve likely heard that there are specific motherboards that work with specific processor types, but haven’t looked into

5 Best MMO Gaming Mouse in 2019

5 Best MMO Gaming Mice in 2019

Massively multiplayer online games are some of the demanding, not just in graphics or in needed specs for operation, but even in the mode of gameplay. Especially when you played fast-pacing games like Defenders of the Alliance, PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds, or Fortnite, you’ll know that every movement, every command, every second counts. This is the