9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024

Having one of the best Chromebooks in 2024 can expose the user to a premium computer experience that is ideal for students or just about anybody that needs a trouble-free laptop device as well as one with a long battery life. We have assessed and also rated the top-rated Chromebooks of 2019 that will arm you with sufficient information, which can make you get the best value at any price. This guide for buyers will assist you in making an excellent decision in purchasing the ideal Chrome OS tablet or laptop.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 1Lenovo2019 Lenovo Chromebook S330 14Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 2ASUSAsus Chromebook Flip C434 2 In 1 LaptopCheck Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 3HPHP Chromebook F7W49UA#ABACheck Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 4ASUS2019 ASUS Chromebook 14Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 5acerAcer Chromebook 514,Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 6DellDell Chromebook 11 3100Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 7FintieFintie Sleeve Case for 12.2Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 8GoogleGoogle Pixelbook (i5, 8 GB RAM, 128GB)Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 9ASUSASUS Chromebook Flip C302Check Price on Amazon

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9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 10

1. Lenovo Chromebook C330

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 has equality of productivity and size; it comes with stylish design as well as elegance.  With its price, anyone can easily fall in love with the Chromebook. It has a bright filly screen, has a pretty legible text, and users can effortlessly get the screen of the device to work in the split-screen mode.

The 11.6 screen of the device can work in a split-screen mode without cramping up the display of the device. While streaming YouTube videos on the left side, you could be doing your homework on the right screen. It is the perfect feature for those who love to multitask. If you are in search of a Chromebook device that you can take along with you without necessarily having to take along with you, a bulky charger on a typical day, the Lenovo Chromebook C330 surely won’t disappoint you in this regard.

Even when the brightness of the device turned up to the highest level, you can still manage to use the device for 6 hours when charged just once. And also, sometimes, with the proper settings, you could use the device for as long as 12 hours before you then decide to give it next charging. Lenovo also has guaranteed that there will be an extended support period for the device after purchase so that users will have access to updates of the device for several years.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 11

2. ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

The ASUS Chromebook is a metallic, 2-in-1, touch screen device that has a more developed appearance, a bigger screen as well as a more reliable processor. When it comes to the production of the Chromebooks, ASUS is one of the best names that you can rely on. The C302 for many years has been the Chromebook of choice of numerous enthusiasts.

The processor of the Chromebook from ASUS comes with the dependable Intel Core m3. If you feel that you need something higher, you can then decide to purchase the higher and pricier Intel Core 5 version, but the m3 is typically sufficient for most people. It sports a 12.5 inch 1080p with a massive touch screen as well as a full metallic body. The notebook looks suitable for any purpose, whether be it for students, a Hulu binge on the plane, or for a business presentation.

With its optimum size, the user of the chrome book can view anything regardless of the zoom preferences of the display; however, it is also small enough to be carried as a portable device.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 12

3. HP Chrome book X2

This notebook comes with a high precision stylus as well as an excellent screen. It is a Chromebook that can be easily detached, and it is ideal for consumers as well as creators. The HP Chromebook is a lovely device. It sports a portable thickness of 0.3 inches as well as the Intel Core m3 processor. However, the screen of the device is the main show-stopping feature here. It is a similar 12.3 inches 2400 x1600IPS touch panel that is found in the Samsung Chromebook Pro or the Google Pixelbook.

The screen comes with a friendly aspect ratio of 3:2, which is bound to enhance the overall user experience. The detachable device is worth every bit of the price for consumers who are looking to spend more on a high-end device. The screen also comes with active stylus support. Consequently, the screen which comes with the X2 Chromebook is aesthetically pleasing and friendly for sketching. Hence, the device will also be a handy tool for people who like to draw and sketch on the go.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 13

4. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

This 14-inch touch screen device is highly useful for consumers who are engaged in a lot of multi-tasking. With a fully backlit keyboard, typing at night is a breeze. The Chromebook Flip C434 is basic a 14-inch Chromebook which sports a 13-inch cover. This enables the device to offer a big screen for productive user experience, while it remains portable and useful for consumers who like to make use of their devices while on the go.

Sporting a thin and reliable design, a long-lasting battery life, as well as alternatives for increasing the Ram and storage, the C434 is a pretty versatile Chromebook. It can do anything you need to. Not many Chromebooks come with a backlit keyboard not even other Chromebooks from ASUS, the manufacturer of the Chromebook, but as a major business strategy, the computer manufacturer has decided to equip the Flip C433 Chromebook with backlit keyboards which ensures that the device is perfect and can be used in dark areas. In other words, the device can be used efficiently for long nights as well as dim offices.

Though the 4GB Ram may not be pretty sufficient based on the requirements of various users, the option to upgrade to 8 GB of RAM is one of the highlights of the device’s features. However, with the lack of 128GB models of the Flip C434, users will have to make do with the 64GB version of the flip.

With the sleek body of the device, you have a 14-inch personal computer, which is only slightly longer than most Chromebooks in the market. The design of the Chromebook comes in handy in all areas. It guarantees performance, it enhances the beauty and appeal of the device; besides, its spange silver finishing makes it irresistible. In terms of portability, there is a balance between its optimum size and portability.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 14

5. Google Pixelbook Go

Whereas the Google Pixel book Go is not a 2-in-1 computer, it is a pretty powerful device, a high-end Chromebook. It sports a fantastic shell of magnesium as well as the great design prowess of Google on display.

Whereas the 3:2 form factor of the previously released Pixelbook was widely-accepted, however, they will be more than happy to realize that the Go sports a more reasonable 16:9 aspect ratio. This wholesome feature is ideal for using the Pixelbook Go in Split-screen mode and for better movies when on the plane. The Pixel book can be folded to the back, transforming the device a tablet similar to the Pixelbook and other customizable Chromebooks. But this also implies that it doesn’t require bezels that can be gripped across the device’s screen, making it be able to be squeezed down into a slimmer size.

Also, another noticeable improvement on the Go Chromebook is the design, which offers more in terms of function. Whereas the previously released Pixelbook sporting all sharp corners around its edges plus flat rectangles, the Go sports the rounded corners as well as a wavy ridged bottom, which enhances its stability as well as its grip. Also, the Pixelbook Go comes with two distinct colors, which are the black and the pink – noiseless Husk keys, as well as the lightweight body made of magnesium, which is pretty much like that which was used by the Surface line from Microsoft.

If you need a device that sports all the most modern features for a Chromebook, then the Pixelbook Go from Google is a great deal. This is because, as Google’s main foray into the Chromebook market, it gets all the best features before any other device does. Also, the Chromebook might force its users to acquire some more USB-C hubs because the device only sports only three numbers of ports, which are a USB-C port located on both sides of the device plus a headphone jack.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 15

6. ASUS Chromebook Flip C214

The updated model of the C214 is an improvement from the version which was previously released in 2017. It is a development from most of the features of the old version. It comes in with a slimmer form, a more powerful performance as well as a better optimized function.  The 11.6-inch Chromebook sports a highly-strong hinge made of zinc alloy that makes it capable of being folded into the tablet mode.

The hinge is built and designed to resist wearing out regardless of how hard you or your kid uses it. Sporting an ergonomically channeled, spill-resisting keyboard, you have no worries about it being damaged as its spill-proof feature takes care of this.  Furthermore, this upgraded version will also transfer the auxiliary camera from the uppermost part of the keyboard to somewhere lower on the right side, moving it to the right each time that the Chromebook is turned to the tablet mode.

However, this will also make the device more susceptible to grease build-up around the palm of the user. So to avoid this from happening, users are often advised to purchase a stylus along with the ASUS Chromebook Flip C214.  With its suitable touch screen, the device comes in as an ideal tool for sketching with art apps – or rather for scrolling through social media sites.

7. Lenovo Chromebook C340

If you can recall from the beginning of this list that, the Lenovo C330 is a reliable, budget work-friendly device that was widely-received by Chromebook enthusiasts. However, the same manufacturer has decided to reintroduce that awesome experience to the higher specification of the laptop. This is with the Lenovo C340 Chromebook, which sports a 15.6-inch screen as it is typically known as the C340-15. However, the device might lack the 4K screen similar to the C630 from the same manufacturer, but it is noticeably less pricey as well as sporting a more long-lasting, pleasant ergonomic design.

The device could only come with a storage capacity of 64GB, but it has a slot for micro SD cards, in which users can load up whatever they want from their favorite music to their best movies for long cross-country flights.

The Chromebook C340 sports a 56KWh battery that has a life of 10 hours in between charges. Consequently, this is just enough to watch three 3 hours of movies right before you get its USB-C charger. Another welcome improvement to the C340-15 is the inclusion of a number pad to boost the functionality of the keyboard. This is a fantastic addition of most end-users who prefer to lock up their Chromebook devices through the PIN feature or for users that do activities such as grade scores as well as input numbers. It is a minor improvement that can make a massive impact on user functionality as well as productivity.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 16

8. The Dell Chromebook 3100 2-in-1

For students and lecturers alike, it is cool to know that Dell just recently launched three new Chromebooks targeted at people in the academics. However, among all three of these new releases, the 3100 2 in 1 device is the device with the highest features. Sporting for users such as the 64 GB storage or 8GB – however, strangely, there are no alternatives for both features – this strong-featured can take anything that you give it, and while it is targeted at those in education, it device sports a 13-hour battery life. It also sports a spill-resistant keyboard. The spill-resisting keyboard can resist up to 12 ounces of liquid that is spilled on it. So this comes as a highly recommended device for the young entrepreneur who is always on the move.

The Dell Chromebook 3100 2-in-1 is built to outlast the previously released Dell Chromebook 3000 series, and it is rigorously tested to withstand the hassles of the schooling life as well as every other environment in which it is used.  With the 3100 Chromebook, students or any other user can enjoy an uninterrupted usage with keyboards that are tamper and spill-resistant keyboards as well as extended battery life.

The device sports two numbers of USB ports – the USB-C ports and USB-A ports – one on both sides – plus a jack that is reserved for the headphone as well as the Micros SD card slot. Whereas the additional USB-A port is not necessary feature due to the fact that spares are much more wildly spares are preferred, especially when they fit effortlessly to the same size as the chassis. However, the 3100 has no stylus, which is a significant setback here. But, it comes with a pretty decent performance, and besides, the options of the configurations look pleasant to the eyes. With these features, it is hoped that the Chromebook from Dell will be available at better prices

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 17

9. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

Over the years, the Chromebooks for Samsung have gone through some highs and lows. However, this new Chromebook Plus V2 has been a successful introduction to the ever quality-obsessed market, ever since it was first announced recently in 2018.  Between the high-end design of Samsung as well as its construction quality to the lasting performance of the device, this V2 device is an excellent Chromebook, which is a search of an affordable price. Furthermore, despite having been released for just one year, the device’s prices are still reasonable. The majority of the high-end Chromebooks that come fully supported with the Active pen are equipped with separate pens which cannot be safely stored anywhere on the Chromebook, however, the pen which the Plus stores safely inside a provided slot that is located at the corner of the base of the device.

With the power of the pen, users who are artistically inclined can easily sketch with the device. They can experience the might of the fantastically in-built pen, which never gets to charge. Safely stored at a side at the base of the Chromebook, its pen is always available for taking notes, editing images, magnifying objects as well as take screenshots.

With the Chromebook, you can create, browse and explore the internet while using a quite bigger screen with the familiar tools that you use every day – all of this can be done with the secured Chrome OS. Plus, you can effortlessly download your favorite games and movies all from google play.

The device also comes with a two camera set, which offers unlimited views. You can fold up the device to take pretty clear shots and as well zoom in to get a closer view with the use of the revolutionary 13MP world-facing camera as well as its auto-focusing feature. As an alternative, users can video chat with the use of the front camera.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 18

10. Acer Chromebook 514

Whereas this Chromebook from Acer is somewhat not impressive in several areas – it does sport an adequate unremarkable, the speakers’ sizes are sometimes too small. The device does sum up to a reliable alternative for the Chromebook for users who are looking to purchase an affordable Chromebook with a big screen

To be fair to the device, it comes at a price range which is uncommon for Chromebooks of nowadays – even fewer models that sport touch screens –so this makes the unimposing Chromebook worthy among the several Chromebooks models being launched by Acer in the already crowded Chromebook market.

With this device, users are assured of an excellent mobile experience each time that it is turned on. Designed by the use of an external casing made of metal for added durability as well as a captivating Full HD IPS screen, this feature-rich device offers a fantastic wireless connection plus a long battery life to ensure that you enjoy your most preferred google apps. You can also watch your videos and photo in high definition, play your music tracks with the highest audio quality, it can do it all.

The metallic chassis of the device ensures that the device stays strong, durable as well as attractive through its use. This lightweight and strong nature of the chassis implies that it will easily endure the hassles that come with everyday usage.

The Acer also comes with a backlit keyboard, which, apart from looking attractive, also makes it possible for the device to be used comfortably in environments with dim lights. With the lighting up of individual keys, it is pretty easy to see these keys whenever there is no source of light.

The device has just one connector, which can be utilized for a quick transfer of data, streaming of videos, as well as for charging of batteries. It also sports the reversible USB 3.1 Type0C ports that are easy to attach as well as a file transfer speed of close to 5Gbps, and it is 10 times faster when compared to the USB 2.0.


So these are the best options for the best Chromebooks to be bought in 2024. However, it is to be noted to the Chrome OS has evolved, and the ever-growing number of services online means that you might not need purchasing the more conventional Mac or Windows laptop.  With the Chromebook, you can get the best possible configuration, which comes with the maximum onboard storage just in case that you intend to dual boot the Chromebook with the more usual Linux distro like Ubuntu.

With the extensive selections of the options above, you are sure to get the most out of anyone that you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

1). Is a laptop with the i5 Core processor good for gaming?

After all, the Intel Core i5 comes as an excellent processor that is produced for the average PC user who is into performance, graphics as well its speed. The Core i5 can do pretty much any task, including extreme gaming.

2). Is the i7 core better than the i5 core?

Conventionally, the higher the number, the better the performance. This is similar to the way that the i5-6500 is quicker than the i5-6400. You know we stated that the i7 is naturally faster than the i5? This is not always the truth, because the Intel Core i56600K is relatively quicker than the core i7-6700, but it comes with a less cache. The cache is a primary distinguishing factor between the i5 and the i7.

3). Is core i5 good?

Still, they are an excellent choice for the average PC user, which is why the corei5-8400 comes highly recommended as being the best CPU. Hyperthreading is a characteristic that is mainly found in the CPUs of i7. It consequently doubles the thread number that can be handled by the CPU; however, these virtual; cores are less powerful than the physical cores.

9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 1Lenovo2019 Lenovo Chromebook S330 14Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 2ASUSAsus Chromebook Flip C434 2 In 1 LaptopCheck Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 3HPHP Chromebook F7W49UA#ABACheck Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 4ASUS2019 ASUS Chromebook 14Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 5acerAcer Chromebook 514,Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 6DellDell Chromebook 11 3100Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 7FintieFintie Sleeve Case for 12.2Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 8GoogleGoogle Pixelbook (i5, 8 GB RAM, 128GB)Check Price on Amazon
9 Best Chromebook to Buy in 2024 9ASUSASUS Chromebook Flip C302Check Price on Amazon

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