AMD RX 580 Vs Nvidia GTX 1070 Best GPU 2019

If you are like so many of our readers, chances are you are looking to build or upgrade your PC here in 2018.  Building has become the current trend as informed, skilled builders can end up with a lot more PC per dollar than picking one up at Best Buy and one of the biggest decisions you can make is which graphics card is going to best suit your needs.  Most of our gamers understand the need to have the smoothest, fastest graphics card available because in the world of eSports, a few seconds of graphics lag can mean the difference between winning and losing potentially thousands of dollars in a single event.

Generally speaking, two of the best graphics cards on the market are the AMD RX 580 and the Nvidia GTX 1070.  Admittedly, they are available in two different price points, but depending on your needs, one could be a much better fit than the other.  Let’s take a look at each one and then we’ll review the merits of each.

AMD RX 580

Engineered for the builder on a budget, the AMD RX 580 graphics card is designed to provide elite performance without breaking your bank account.  Clocking in at anywhere between 130 and 279 frames per second (fps) the AMD RX will help you view any gaming or high demand graphical experience smoothly and without some of the lag issues that plague lesser cards.  No one wants to be playing Call of Duty online and turn a corner only to take a headshot because your enemy was faster than your graphics card; and the AMD RX 580 will help turn that corner that much more quickly. Granted, for our advanced users that know how to overclock their graphics card, the AMD RX 580 can overclock at 320 fps for just that little extra edge (approximately 14%).

Equipped with either 4GB or 8GB of high-bandwidth GDDR5 memory, this GPU will give you the power to compete with some of the top graphics cards on the market without spending top dollar.


In the top tier of GPUs available in 2018, the Nvidia GTX 1070 has been crafted to be the single fastest GPU in the world at the time of its release.  While the AMD RX has the ability to overclock its fps up to 320, the Nvidia GTX can run at 305 without the overclock and up to 352 with the overclocking.  That’s a 10% increase in fps speed in overclocking conditions, and 14% stronger without it.

Generally speaking though, if you are looking at the Nvidia GTX, odds are you are a gamer, and I want to take a second to highlight the anticipated fps performance on some of the top games in the world.

If you are an Overwatch player, you can expect to see a 16% higher fps rate with the Nvidia GTX over the AMD RX; League of Legends and Fortnight users can expect to see a 37-38% fps increase, and World of Warcraft players can anticipate a 17% better graphical experience.

While there are a lot of other factors that will play into your gaming performance (motherboards, SSDs, ethernet connections, etc), the Nvidia GTX certainly provides the elite experience that won’t hamstring you like some other, lesser cards would.

One of the other factors that will play into your gaming experience is the screen resolution when you play.  No one enjoys running all their games on the lower end of the graphics spectrum because anything else will max out their GPU.  The Nvidia doesn’t present that problem and will allow you to play virtually any game on the highest resolution settings and is powerful enough to support the ever growing world of virtual reality that is coming to a CPU near you.


Both of these video cards are great for the right users.  For those that are primarily gaming offline or using their computer for more video streaming and Netflix type applications than actual online gaming, the AMD RX 580 is a fantastic GPU.  It comes from a great brand that has a long history of producing high quality products and while the Nvidia represents a significant upgrade from the AMD GPU, that is not to say that the AMD is a poor product.

Nvidia just produces a product that blows many other GPUs out of the water, and has for a long time.

No one will complain about a super-charged Dodge Challenger, but if they had to pick between a Challenger and a Dodge Viper, and that is exactly the comparison we are making in the two best GPUs of 2018.