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How to Build a Cheap Gaming PC for Less Than $500

Looking to make a cheap gaming computer that works and provides for all your gaming needs?

Sometimes having an outdated computer can be really annoying, because you often run into issues like overheating, frequent game crashes, stuttering, etc. And if it’s really old, you may even get bestowed upon you the blue screen of death.

Build Gaming PC For Under $500

Upgrading your computer or making a new one is great for performance and other things. You can say goodbye to the frequent game crashes, blue screen of death, stuttering, and overheating. If you’re wanting to take on this endeavor, but don’t know where to start, today we’ve compiled a list of parts to help you get your project off the ground without breaking the bank.

CPU – Intel Pentium G4560

For the CPU we’ve chosen to recommend the Intel Pentium G4560. This CPU only has two cores, but has a neat feature called “hyperthreading,” which should close the gap between this one and newer versions that might have a quad-core instead of just a dual core. Another CPU we suggest instead of that one is still the Intel Pentium, but the G4600. This one is slightly faster than the G4560, running at 3.6 GHz whereas the G4560 runs at 3.5 Ghz. The G4600 is faster and almost the same price, but the only problem is that this one sells out frequently, so if you see it available somewhere in store or online, be sure to pick it up!

Motherboard – Asus Prime B250M

Asus Prime B250M is the motherboard we suggest for your PC build, seeing as it supports the CPU, GPU, and storage device we’re recommending on this list. This motherboard however does not support HDMI but it does support DVI-D and D-Sub, so you’ll need to get an adapter for that if your monitor is newer or just upgrade to a newer motherboard if your willing to spend a few more bucks.

Memory – G.Skill RipJaws V Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2133

For your computer’s memory, we’ve decided on the G.Skill RipJaws V Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-2133. This memory is the most recommended for the $400 to $500 price range of building your entire computer, and will allow you to play most current video games. Obviously if you’re really into gaming, you may want to look into upgrading from the 8GB fairly soon, but it’s a great choice for starting out.

Storage – Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB

For storage we recommend the Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB 3.5” 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive. The massive 2TB of space should allow you to download a lot of video games depending on the size of each one. On top of that, the 7200RPM should make loading times a lot faster, making this a really well-rounded storage device.

Video Card – Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB

Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB OC Edition Video Card is the card we have picked for this build. I know you’re probably thinking that’s a very low end graphics card, so why am I recommending it? While it’s on the lower end of graphics cards, it should work well and prove to actually be pretty nice. While it may not run ultra settings, it should get you through the newer video game released, such as Watch Dogs 2, Witcher 3, and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.

Our Take

Today we looked at some fairly cheap pieces that will help you put together a gaming PC under $500. These pieces are a great foundation to get you started, and should serve you well for a couple of years. If your budget is a little bigger, you can even do some further research and mix and match some of the parts, as long as they’re compatible. But remember, you can always make adjustments and improvements later that will take this computer even further. So let us know in the comments section: would you use all of these pieces to build your own gaming PC, or would you switch some out?

Build Gaming PC For Under $500

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