Easy steps to calibrate your MacBook battery

Are you experiencing battery issues on your #MacBook? Does your MacBook battery appear to lose battery quicker day after day? It’s probably high time to calibrate its battery!

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Easy steps to calibrate your MacBook battery

Whether you’re having battery issues on your MacBook or not, it’s always good practice to regularly calibrate its battery so that its processor work optimally. Overtime, the processor may lose track of accurate battery levels of your laptop which can potentially lead to random shut downs and other boot problems. To minimize battery issues and to optimize your laptop’s battery, try to calibrate it every few months. If you’re wondering how to do that, below are the steps that you can do.

Step #1: Charge your MacBook

The very first thing that you need to do is to plug in on your MacBook and let it charge. The charging session must be continuous until battery power level reaches 100%. Keep an eye on the battery adapter. While still charging, the battery adapter light should be orange but once the LED light turns to green, that’s your cue that your MacBook’s battery has been fully charged. To double check, you can also look at the battery status bar on the screen to confirm if the battery has been at 100%.

Step #2: Don’t unplug your MacBook for another 2 hours

Once the battery has been fully charged, let your MacBook continue to charge for at least another 2 hours. It’s better if you use your MacBook during this time in order to stimulate the system. Make sure not to turn your MacBook off during this time. If you can’t use it normally, let it play a long playlist of videos for at least 2 hours.

Step #3: Let the battery drain all the way to zero

After using your MacBook for 2 hours while charging, disconnect the power adapter and use your machine until the battery is depleted. Use your machine as you normally would but do not charge it once the battery is at critical level. You need to completely use the battery up. Be mindful of your work though and make sure to save your work before the battery dies.

Step #4: Wait for at least 5 hours

After the battery has been fully emptied, be sure not to charge your machine right away. Instead, you want to let it sit for another 5 hours so that any remaining charges will be depleted further. Once the battery reached absolute zero power, its processor will be reset, fully completing the calibration.

Afterwards, you can charge your MacBook again.


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