How to fix your Dell Inspiron 24 3455 All-in-One that stopped responding or frozen [Troubleshooting Guide]

The Dell Inspiron 24 3455 All-in-One computer dominated its niche not only because of its sleek design but also because of its impressive technical specifications and crushed competition by a wide margin. However, it’s a machine, it’s not perfect nor free from issues.


There were reports from owners who have encountered a problem or two with this computer and so here we are trying to help our readers who might be experiencing similar issues. In this post, I will deal with an issue involving this machine that stopped responding or got frozen for some reason. So, if you are one of the owners of this computer, I suggest you continue reading this article as it might help you, if not now, maybe in the future.

For those who have other issues, however, you can always contact us and tell us more about your computer and the problem so that we can help you find a solution. Fill up our PC issues questionnaire and provide us with accurate information about your machine and the problem. Remember, the accuracy of our troubleshooting guides depends on the information we have.

How to troubleshoot your Dell Inspiron 24 3455 All-in-One that won’t respond

The purpose of this troubleshooting guide is for you to know what caused this problem to your computer and so that you can understand what your machine is going through. Once you have these information, you can formulate a solution that might just fix the problem without you consulting a technician. But before anything else, here are the possibilities why your machine got frozen…

  • It might be just a temporary hardware or system glitch.
  • A third-party or external device may have caused the system to crash that resulted to freezing.
  • It might be an issue with one of the hardware components.
  • An electrical surge may have caused the system to crash.

Now that we know the most common possibilities, here’s what I suggest you do to troubleshoot this issue…

Step 1: Begin your troubleshooting with your computer powered off

The best way to deal with a frozen computer regardless of its brand, model or specs is to power it off. Remember, when the machine crashes and freezes, it won’t respond to whatever you do. It won’t even turn off even if you press the Power button. But there are actually two ways to power off a frozen computer; first, press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds or more; second, if the first one failed, unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.

It is imperative that you power your machine off so that you can try to turn it on to see if it’s still capable of doing so because if not, you’re actually dealing with a computer that won’t turn on and that’s a different issue.

But assuming your machine actually powers up but won’t boot up, then you have to take note of the following…

  • The actual error message if there’s any
  • How the computer behaves when the power button is pressed
  • If it can go past the POST (Power-On Self-Test) screen
  • If it powers on but with its monitor blank

If there’s an error message, try to go to Dell’s support website and search for the error message; the company has a comprehensive support site or team so if you can’t find anything online, you better call tech support.

On the other hand, if your machine does power up but can’t continue to load its operating system, then move on to the next step to continue your troubleshooting.

Step 2: Disconnect all third-party or external devices attached to it

Some external devices might be hindering your phone computer from booting up normally, so disconnect everything that is connected to your computer including USB-powered devices, flash drives, cards, printers, etc. Once all of them are detached, try to boot up your computer to see if it continues to load its system until it reaches the desktop.

If your computer still refuses to turn back on, try to check all the necessary cables connected to it and make sure they’re not loose. If there’s no power, the power cable should be checked to see if it fits in properly.

It is also imperative that you check your machine for possible liquid-damage; just physically check it for water residue on the outside.

If everything looks good on the outside and it won’t boot up normally, then the next step is necessary.

Step 3: Bring your device to a shop and let the tech handle the problem for you

While your Dell Inspiron 24 3455 All-in-One is one of the best-looking computers out there, it’s not easy to troubleshoot as with the typical PC. It’s components are compact and well-situated at the back of its monitor and removing one screw means the warranty will become void. So, you really cannot check if the problem is caused by a loose connection with one of the components.

With all those things being said and done, it’s time that entrust your machine to an authorized technician, a Dell representative or bring it back to the store where you bought it. Unless you have advanced knowledge PC hardware, do not open your Dell Inspiron 24 3455 All-in-One computer.

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