How To Delete All Emails In Gmail

Managing your Gmail email is quite an easy task as Google has provided several tools which can help you with this. You can categorize your emails by placing them in folders or by deleting them if they are no longer important.

If you receive a lot of emails daily then it won’t take too long before you will reach your storage capacity limit. When this happens it’s time  to do some cleaning by mass deleting your email. Before proceeding you should first make sure to download a copy of your important emails.

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How To Delete All Emails In Gmail

  • Log into your Gmail email account from a web browser.
  • Select the inbox you want to delete.
  • Click on the tick box located on the upper left corner to highlight all emails on the page.
  • Normally you will only be able to highlight a certain number of emails that is visible on the current page.
  • To delete all emails on your inbox just click on the message just above the updates tab that says “ Select all XXXX conversations in Inbox” where XXXX is the total number of emails in your inbox.
  • Click on the delete icon. This will delete all selected emails.
  • Go to the Trash folder and don’t forget to empty it.

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