How To Delete YouTube Videos History the Quick and Easy Way

YouTube is a popular video sharing platform that is owned by Google. It allows anyone with an account to upload videos and interact with other video uploads. Some of the most popular YouTube stars include PewDiePie, Ninja, and Mr.Beast just to name a few. One of the features of this service is that it saves a history of the videos that you have watched. If you want to delete YouTube videos history then you have come to the right place as we will be showing you how to do this.

How To Delete Your  Video History

Take note that YouTube will save your video history if you are logged in to your account so in order to delete the history you should be logged in to your account.

  • Open the YouTube homepage from a computer browser.
  • On the left side of the screen is a menu where you will find the history link. Click on this link.
  • This opens the watch history window.
  • On the right side of the window is the clear all watch history link. Click on this.
  • A window will appear with your Youtube account ID an a message stating that “Your YouTube watch history will be cleared from all YouTube apps on all devices. Your video recommendations will be reset, but may still be influenced by activity on other Google products. To learn more, visit My Activity.”
  • Click on the Clear Watch History option located on the lower right side of the window.

This is the best way to delete your videos history.

There are also other options to choose from aside from clearing all watch history on the history link.

You can choose to pause watch history: This does not delete any videos that you have previously watched however it will not keep a record of any videos that you will watch after this setting is enabled.You may see fewer recommendations for new videos across Google.

You can delete individual videos from the watch history. On the right side of the video details, you will see a small button denoted with an “X”. If you click this “X” button, the item will be removed from your YouTube history.

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