How to Disable Bing Chat from Windows 11 Search: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Windows 11, the latest operating system by Microsoft, has several new features to enhance your user experience. One such feature is Bing Chat, which integrates chat-based services into the Windows 11 Search interface. While Bing Chat can be useful for some, not everyone may find it necessary or desirable. If you prefer a streamlined search experience or want to eliminate distractions, disabling Bing Chat is simple. We will show you how to disable Bing Chat from Windows 11 Search, allowing you to personalize your system according to your preferences.

Understanding Bing Chat

Bing Chat is a feature introduced in Windows 11 that integrates chat-based services within the search interface. It lets users interact with messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams and other supported apps without leaving the search window. Bing Chat offers functionalities such as sending messages, making video calls, and collaborating seamlessly. While this feature can be advantageous for individuals who rely heavily on chat-based services, others may prefer to turn it off for a cleaner and more focused search experience.

Advantages of Disabling Bing Chat

Improved productivity: By disabling Bing Chat, you can declutter your search experience, reducing distractions and allowing you to concentrate more on your tasks or studies.
Streamlined search results: Without Bing Chat, your search results will be presented more cleanly, making finding the information you need easier.
Personalization: Disabling Bing Chat gives you greater control over your Windows 11 device, allowing you to tailor your search experience according to your preferences and workflow.

Step-by-Step Guide to Disable Bing Chat:

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the Start menu. Then, click on the gear-shaped icon or press Windows key + I to directly open the Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, click on “Privacy & security” from the options available in the left panel.
  • Scroll down the Privacy & security settings and locate the “Windows permissions” section. Click on “Search permissions” from the list of options.
  • In the “Search permissions” settings, scroll down to the “More settings” section.
  • Look for the “Show search highlights” option and toggle it off to disable Bing Chat AI.
  • After toggling off the “Show search highlights” option, the Bing Chat AI icon will no longer appear in the search field on the taskbar.

By following these steps, you can easily disable Bing Chat AI from the search field on the taskbar, allowing you to personalize your Windows 11 experience according to your preferences.

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