5 Best External Hard Drives for Xbox One

Are you struggling to free up enough hard drive space on your Xbox One console to install new games? If so, perhaps it’s time to buy an external hard drive and once and for all say goodbye to your hard drive space woes. Back in the days of the original Xbox, most games fit on

Asus vs Acer Best Laptops for Students in 2019

Asus vs Acer Best Laptops for Students in 2019

When spending for a reputable laptop becomes a challenge, students opt to look for cheaper but quality alternatives. With Asus and Acer being brands that gives both factors justice, it can be daunting to choose as to which models are best in the market. Let’s check on user reviews, design, innovation, and support in appreciating

Lenovo vs HP Best Laptops for Students in 2019

Lenovo vs HP Best Laptops for Students in 2019

Finishing strong in school, whether making the best reports, showing stellar-looking projects, and submitting impressive paperwork can be possible with technologies and innovations to make your work simpler and more efficient. Though not a necessity considered by some, laptops for students provide means for learners to not only retain what they are learning, but it

7 Best Ram for AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

It goes without saying that building the best gaming PC requires you to be very careful when picking out components, as you need to use the best to create the best. Now, as far as the CPU goes, we have decided that Ryzen 9 3900X is the best choice for elite gamers. As AMD, its

7 Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $700

Who said that you can’t edit video on a budget? We’ve selected top 5 best laptops for video editing that cost less than $700 and have everything you need to turn raw footage into a popular YouTube video. Of course, there are certain things you can’t reasonably expect a $700 laptop to do—or at least

9 Best Large Screen Laptops for Seniors in 2019

Not all laptops have to be as compact as possible. Sometimes, the comfort that comes with having a large screen and a full-sized keyboard with a proper numpad is more important than portability or even performance. For this article, we’ve selected nine best large screen laptops suitable for seniors and anyone else who wants a

Lenovo vs Dell Best Laptops for Students in 2019

Lenovo vs Dell Best Laptops for Students in 2019

Getting a laptop these days are not just for employees or for those in the corporate sector. Even students need a device where they can do their papers, presentations, and even projects for different subjects. Otherwise, they’ll find themselves using a library computer or may settle for renting a system in computer shops with files

7 Best Capture Cards For PC Gaming In 2019

PC capture cards are dedicated hardware devices that allow you to record gaming footage for YouTube or livestreaming. Unlike gameplay capture software, capture cards don’t negatively impact performance, and they always capture exactly what you see on the monitor. There are two main types of capture cards: internal and external. An internal capture card connects

7 Best Air CPU Cooler For Ryzen 2700 In 2019

You’ve ordered your Ryzen 2700 processor and the motherboard to go with it, now you just need a CPU cooler to keep things running at normal temperatures. But, with so many CPU coolers on the market, what do you possibly choose? You not only need to make sure that you’re getting one that will fit

4 Best sfx Power Supply for 2019

Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs have been popular among PC users for quite a while now, which had resulted in the creation of more capable power supplies (PSUs). After all, manufacturers had no choice but to join the trend, or risk becoming irrelevant in the era of faster, stronger, better, and more advanced PCs. Now,

11 Best Motherboards For GeForce RTX 2070

So you’re looking at picking yourself up a GeForce RTX 2070, or already have. Not quite as powerful as its bigger brother, the GeForce RTC 2080, but so much more affordable. It’s an excellent Quad HD video card, but you still need to make sure that you have an excellent motherboard to go with it,

11 Best Motherboards For NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

You’re finally building or upgrading your dream machine, and all you’ve got is cash to spend, so you’ve picked up only the best: the GeForce TX 2080 Ti. There’s no video card out there better than this in terms of performance, but what you’ve also likely find out is that there’s few motherboards on the

9 Best Liquid CPU Cooler For i5-9600k In 2019

So you’re wanting to get into liquid cooling for your new i5-9600k processor, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start. Liquid cooling is an awesome and creative way to take your processor cooling capabilities to the next level. It might be a little more pricey, but it’s worth it in that you get a

11 Best Air CPU Coolers For i7-9700k In 2019

It goes without saying, the i7-9700k is an excellent processor that will be able to handle essentially anything you throw at it. High-end gaming? No problem. Doing some video editing? Not an issue for the prowess of the i7-9700k. However, do keep in mind that heat is one of the enemies processors, which can quickly

11 Best Motherboards for i7-9700K in 2019

Intel’s latest generation of desktop processors is now available, and one processor in particular has been receiving a lot of attention lately, the i7-9700K. With its 8 cores and a maximum frequency of 4.90 GHz, it promises excellent performance when gaming, editing videos, or just browsing the web. To enjoy the i7-9700K, you need a

11 Best Motherboards for i5-8600K in 2019

The i5-8600K is arguably the best CPU for budget-minded gamers Intel currently offers. Like its more expensive sibling, the i7-8700K, the Core i5-8600K sports six physical cores and can be overclocked to over 5 GHz without much effort—provided you have a Z370 motherboard with solid overclocking performance. Since the release of the 8th generation of