Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Review

Dabbling into an entirely different field is not an easy thing to do. But Razer has proven otherwise with this gaming soundbar. The Laser Company is relatively unknown in this line of product. They are big players in computer hardware, especially keyboard and pointers. But the company decided to shift its hands a bit by bringing up this product idea.

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The Raser Leviatan gaming soundbar is the perfect soundbar an enthusiastic gamer needs to enjoy good sounds on their gaming platform. There are so many likable features of this gaming soundbar. The fact that its unique from other gaming speakers make it worth proper consideration. If you are looking for something a bit unique to use as your gaming speaker, this Razer model can serve you right. But let’s find out its features and specifications, because proper knowledge of the product will help you decide.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Review

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar

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Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Design

The Razer Leviathan soundbar was designed like a bar for a purpose. When you are gaming on a laptop, the design will make you feel closer to the scene on the gaming laptop. And it also has features that make it a perfect fit when gaming on a large TV screen.

It comes with four well-tuned drivers in the soundbar, which resonate with the audio throughout the entire room. The drivers help to fill up the room from the audio device. Also, the V4.0 apt Bluetooth feature enables gamers to stream wireless music directly with no need for cables easily. If you don’t want to use a wired connection, you can also enjoy the soundbar in wireless mode. However, shifting to the wireless mode means you may not enjoy the deep bass of the subwoofer.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Portability and connections

At 5.25-inch, the subwoofer of this Razer Leviathan soundbar may seem too small, but it’s extremely packed with power. It can easily fit under the monitor or in a small space. However, the power within the subwoofer is unquestionable.

Razer Leviathan did not mess things up by adding several cables, something we see most often with other types of soundbars. Instead, there are only two cables – the first one draws power while the other gives power to the subwoofer.

Besides, some features will allow you to enjoy the soundbar in different modes. There are three distinct settings to use in case you want to stream movies via Bluetooth.  These simplicity and convenient features make this sound bar one of the in-demand game speakers in the world today.

A nice alternative to Dolby Surround Headphones

If you are considering between a soundbar and a Dolby, surround headphones, having a soundbar like this would be much better for you. The Dolby surround would give you a much-concentrated tone, while this gaming soundbar will fill up space much better. The soundbar is a much preferred option than desktop Dolby solutions because of its fresh looks and form factor.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Clear mids and highs

The soundbar produces clear mids and highs, as the subwoofer releases thunderous lows. This makes it very ideal for games. When you are playing games involving car racing, the speed of cars passing you looks real, as the soundbar brings out a more pronounced sound output with a strong surround effect.

But with a decent 5.1 headset, the sound will not be in unison. It will sound a bit separated. Again, you will get a full effect of the sound of the soundbar when you are playing a highly intensive game. However, you need to keep the soundbar very close to the keyboard to soak in its surround effect properly.

Interestingly, the Dolby effects when using the 3.5 or AUX connection was something else. Even when connecting via Bluetooth, the music came more alive than normal. And when it comes to Bluetooth, the Razer Leviathan has five different customizable options. It means that you can swap between 5 different devices when playing from external devices.  But the equalizers only allow three paired connections. When you are streaming music, the sound seems a bit richer via the equalizers.

One good thing about this soundbar is the fact that the bass does its work separately. It does not muddle the frequencies or overshadow the sounds, as some gaming speakers do. The setting for each sound output is perfectly in order.

But there is one major negative discovery about the Razer Leviathan gaming soundbar. The subwoofer connector or the optical connector does not seem strong enough. It could break easily if yanked. And since this is a new product, it’s not yet easy to get a replacement in the open market. Again, remember that the soundbar comes with automatic power-off features. If the soundbar stays idle for up to 20minutes, it automatically goes off. These are the two flaws (although the automatic shut-off is not necessarily a flaw) we have seen in the gaming soundbar.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Adaptability

The Razer Leviathan gaming soundbar has good adaptability features because it can be used either with PS4 or Xbox One without any issues through its optical audio-in port. You can also use it with your TV or PC.  Whichever way you want to use it, the sound effect is usually great.

With the surround bar, the soundbar will be ideal for gamers. However, the 5.1 sound technology also makes it great for other sound purposes. Its rich mids and highs make it a great option as an all-purpose speaker for gaming, music, and streaming.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Other features

One of the most alluring features of this Razer Leviathan gaming soundbar is the simplicity and portability. That’s one of its strongest features. It comes in an all-black color and weighs just under 4.5 pounds. Its size may make you doubt its power, but there is nothing small about the power this soundbar extrudes.

At the front of the speaker, there is the power button, the Razer trademark logo, and the speaker grill. At the top, there are basic control features with the Bluetooth feature for ease of connections. There is also a preset button that allows you to switch between movies, music, and game modes. Although the Razer Leviathan does not come with comprehensive ports, the most important ports are there for the basic users. The subwoofers can be mounted on the wall as well.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Performance

Performance is quite impressive with the Razer Leviathan gaming soundbar. Particularly, the subwoofer brings life to the speakers whenever it’s called to duty. From that tiny box, there is an amazing level of sound that comes out filtered from the subwoofer.

Apart from a few balancing issues about the soundbar, its overall quality is on a positive note. It comes with a Dolby Logic II codec that easily transmits sounds from optical, analog, or Bluetooth devices. The most impressive feature of the soundbar is the rich effect of the subwoofer.

There is the preset button that lets you navigate through different sound options in case you are not getting the right sound balance from the soundbar. Overall, the Razer Leviathan gaming soundbar is an excellent sound speaker that stays relatively portable but powerful enough to fill up your room.

The Bluetooth feature will allow you to connect the phone to your soundbar even when you’re not close to your entertainment or gaming gadgets. So, you have a wealth of options to choose when connecting the soundbar. But the Razer Leviathan also has its flaws, albeit minimal ones. It does not come with a remote, and it does not have a very stable subwoofer connector. These are two noticeable flaws with the soundbar, which does not reduce performance

If you are playing your favorite games or just streaming music, the surround sound of this soundbar offers much joy. Moreover, the soundbar is very affordable compared to its counterparts in the market.  With this, you are getting a very portable soundbar that delivers both in features and performance.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Review Conclusion

With the shift from heavily built speakers to a more portable one with Dolby sound, gaming subwoofers and soundbars have evolved a lot. The Razer brand is just entering the market, but it has already released one of the most liked soundbars in the market right now.

The impressive features of the Razer Leviathan gaming soundbar make it a very useful gaming gadget.  Although it still comes with some flaws, its overall feature makes it a great investment. If you’re looking for a top-quality gaming soundbar with the right sound output, the Razer Leviathan is an impressive option you would love.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to the most common questions asked about the Razer Leviathan gaming soundbar

Is the Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar good?

Yes, the Leviathan soundbar is a good gaming soundbar that offers superior sound quality.

Razer Leviathan Bluetooth enabled?

Yes, there is an option to connect your devices via Bluetooth.

How heavy is the Razer Leviathan?

It is one of the lightest gaming soundbars around. It weighs just under 4.5 pounds.

Is the audio quality from Razer Leviathan good?

The audio quality is quite rich and does not show any sign of distortion. It works better with its subwoofer.

Can I connect the Razer Leviathan soundbar via a TV?

Yes, the soundbar has a versatile connectivity feature. It can be connected to the TV, the PC, or via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Razer Leviathan Gaming Soundbar Review 3RazerRazer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound BarCheck Price on Amazon

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