5 Best Cheap Refurbished PC Monitors in 2019

Is your current monitor too small or not working like it used to? Do want a new monitor, but don’t want to spend loads of money on it? Well, today we have 5 Best Cheap Refurbished PC Monitors in 2018, so we hope you’ll be able to find the right one for you that’s not too costly and does exactly what you need it to!

Dell UltraSharp U2412M

This Monitor has a very nice 24-inch LED-lit screen with a resolution of 1920×1200. With the IPS tech on this monitor, you will have great colors across the whole 16:10 widescreen display. The Refurbished Dell UltraSharp has been extensively tested, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting an awesome monitor without any dead pixels or other technical problems! This monitor is great especially for people who use their computers a lot this screen provides beautiful colors without giving you eye fatigue from long periods of use.

Samsung UE510

The Refurbished Samsung UE510 has been manufacturer refurbished, meaning you’ll get the full 90-day Samsung warranty with the monitor, just in case you have any problems with the monitor so you can easily send it back for repairs! With the AMD FreeSync tech, you can experience really fast paced content, whether it be a movie or a video game, without any screen tearing or stutters. The Samsung UE510 also has multiple DisplayPorts along with a PIP display mode so you can watch news from your computer while playing on your gaming console.

Acer Widescreen XR382CQKREF

The Acer Widescreen is an astonishing 37.5-inch 5K curved widescreen PC monitor that gives stunning visuals with IPS technology. With Adaptive-Sync technology your movies and games will run very smoothly with little to no stuttering or screen tearing! With multiple picture modes, you’ll be able to find the right coloring for you, or whatever game you’re playing! The Acer Widescreen also comes with a standard 90 day warranty, so if the monitor is dead on arrival you can easily send it back for repairs!

LG 34UM61-P

The LG 34UM61-P is a refurbished LG certified monitor, so you can be sure you aren’t buying a broken down monitor or non-useable monitor. The LG 34UM61-P is a beautiful 34-inch monitor with a 14ms response rate, so you can be sure in those fast paced moments you won’t have to worry about screen tearing ruining the immersion or messing up your favorite movie. With the 99% sRGB, you’ll be able to see all of the beautiful colors your video game or movie has to offer!

LG Ultra HD 5K UltraFine

The LG Ultra has an amazing 5K 27-inch display. With a 5120×2880 resolution, you’ll be able to have stunning immersive gameplay with any of your video games! This monitor has 1 thunderbolt 3 (input) and 3 USB-C 3.0 so you easily connect it to your Macbook or other Apple devices. With a wide P3 color gamut you can be sure this monitor features great colors so your video games or movies don’t seem faded and toned down!

Our Take

There are lots of great monitors out there, but they can be quite expensive, so refurbished monitors can be really nice in that aspect. Altogether, these are all great monitors and will work with whatever you plan on doing, whether it be working or playing video games or even watching movies. All of these monitors feature beautiful colors with large color gamuts and other neat features! If you have a comment or want to tell us your favorite monitor, the comment section is below.