5 Best MMO Gaming Mouse in 2019

Massively multiplayer online games are some of the demanding, not just in graphics or in needed specs for operation, but even in the mode of gameplay. Especially when you played fast-pacing games like Defenders of the Alliance, PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds, or Fortnite, you’ll know that every movement, every command, every second counts. This is the reason why the MMO gaming mice were produced and sold in the market — to cater to the needs of gamers that demand lightning-fast interaction with accessing weapons and commands, as well as dependable mouse movement that require precision.

We have gathered, in this list, some of the most powerful and user-friendly MMO gaming mice that you can find anywhere. Though all of them serve the same purpose of keeping players at bay with their MMO gaming, they have differences that vary in design, overall performance, the customizations that come with the mouse, and many others. So, scroll down and see how you’ll fare with these mice that will add that “Mmmm” to your MMO gaming.

UtechSmart Venus

The UtechSmart Venus, even with unlit LEDs, is a work of beauty. The first thing you’ll notice upon feeling the body of the mouse is its frosted finish that feels excellent on your palm. More than beauty, function is also an excellent selling point with all of the 19 programmable buttons, aside from the left and right click buttons, all ready to add some power in your MMO games.

With the driver software included in the purchase, you could customize all of the 19 buttons according to hotkey commands, key commands, and other options. It’s the perfect arsenal for item binds, shortcut to certain skills, and even quick transition to one game menu to the next. You’ll also find the DPI adjustment menu in the software that lets you customize mouse sensitivity to adapt with any kind of gameplay. It’s also in this same interface where you could modify your mouse color, where you could choose from one of the 16 million color combinations for your liking.

Other gamer-friendly features include the ring-finger rest button and weight and balance tuning that provides personalization and comfort for your games. The MMO mouse works on Windows operating systems, with the software available at the website.

Razer Naga 2014

Though the Naga Trinity is Razer’s latest MMO gaming mouse available in stores, many gamers are still into using the 2014 Razer Naga version due to its distinct feel that dates back to its early inception in 2009 when MMOs were younger and simpler. Simply put, the 2014 Naga is an icon of its time. Even though the creation of which has been for some time, the technologies found within the gaming mouse goes at par with that of the more recent brands and models. It already has the 19 programmable buttons that can be customized through the Razer Synapse software, which is now a staple among competitors.

Even though the LED light is only set to green, Razer’s exclusive Naga color, there’s more to the gaming MMO mouse than just lights for the sake of cosmetic enhancement. After all, the real game is in the skills and not just in the skins! Deploy 1000Hz of heightened keyboard actuation frequency that avoids the common delay when sending commands to the CPU during gaming times. Couple that with mouse response speed of 200 inches per second with 50G max tracking speed and you could move leaps and bounds with just a simple nudge. Move slick with Zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet that exudes comfort and glide across different mousepad textures, eluding the usual problem of skidding that ruins the game momentum.

Logitech G600

With Logitech being a common brand to computer users everywhere, it’s no wonder they’re faring well with their MMO gaming mouse, the G600. With 20 programmable buttons through their Logitech Gaming Software (LGS), you could tailor-fit your choice of shortcut commands and buttons for any game of your preference. It’s not just the mouse clicks and the side buttons that’s making a buzz. They also feature a tiltable scroll wheel, and a distinct G-switch that enables dual-function clicking when you need it.

The thumb panel, where the 12 buttons rest, is uniquely designed to provide a feel of the buttons based on gamer instinct, which provides access to shortcuts with minimal learning curve and utilizing touch memory. The MMO mouse is also Lightsync RGB compatible, which provides LED lighting modifications for a different feel of your mouse depending on what you play and how you feel. Choose over 16.8 million colors or decide to make colors pulse or cycle, depending on your liking. The common clickable buttons were tested to last over 20 million clicks, a stress test that usually kills a gaming mouse due to abuse of play. As for the DPI, you could set 5 different modes, which could range from about 250 DPI to over 8,200 on the fly.

Redragon M901 Perdition

Get ready to punish your competitors, regardless of any MMO game, with the use of the Redragon M901 Perdition that’s design to make you win your game. With ergonomics in mind, the M901 features shape, comfort, and feel that lets gamers play for a long time and feel less of the strain on the hands, the wrist, or the arms. If speed is the name of your game, you’re in for a treat with DPIs that stretch to as fast as 24000, 12000 FPS, a 1000Hz polling rate, along with a 30G acceleration that defines what “fast-paced” gaming means. With durable Teflon mouse feet pads embedded at the bottom of the device, you’ll never experience that skid on the pad, even when you’re pushed to the edge.

With over 18 customizable buttons, Pulse Breathe light modes, and color selection from 16.8 million shades, you’ll feel the mouse that’s definitely designed for you. There’s also an option for setting mouse weight with an 8-piece 24-gram tuning set and you’re good to go.

Corsair Gaming SCIMITAR

The Corsair Scimitar is a weapon of choice for gamers that prefer gliding against the competition in any MOBA or MMO game, thanks to its Key Slider control system. Feel the glide with the 12 different side buttons and still differentiate each of them with the help of the textures on each key. With the help of the iCUE system, you could modify the different buttons on the mouse to optimize your game input.

The 12,000 DPI zero-acceleration sensors provide gamers an accurate to the pixel movement that’s vital to modern games. It also comes with a 1ms response rate to the CPU to avoid lag response.

What’s in the best MMO gaming mouse?

The 12 side buttons are found across different brands, along with DPI switches and software that helps customize lighting, button configuration, and DPI gaps. With that in mind, your search for the best MMO gaming mouse would be based on ergonomics, comfort, and the feel of your hands and palm during gameplay.