9 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming in 2019

Aside from using a gaming mouse, gamers are also into purchasing gaming keyboards that provide a different experience due to the performance of the keys, as well as features that keep the gamer at bay. And while there are those who purchase standard lengthy keyboards that have RGB colors and giving a mechanical feel to the touch, others are into buying a tenkeyless keyboard because it’s smaller, more compact, and more gamer-friendly. Particular to those who seek portability with their gaming accessories, tenkeyless keyboards are a perfect fit to backpacks, unlike the standard gaming keyboard.

And because gamers are picky with their gear, tenkeyless keyboards come with perks that only gamers can appreciate. Let’s come to know the best of the tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for gaming in 2019 and recognize the value found in these kinds of gadgets.

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

There are tons of features in the USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 that’s unique from other tenkeyless keyboards, one of them with the letters printed on the front instead on the keycap. They also removed other texts that appear on LEDs to make the whole keyboard appear “almost all black” when viewed from the top. There’s also an option between long presses at 4mm and contact point pressing at 2mm for quick players. And with a Cherry MX Brown Switch that creates a soft click upon contact, typing becomes systematic.

Diatec made the board double layered, soldered through holes on each switch, removing excess vibration and noise that occurs due to spacey interiors. The N-key rollover function is also utilized to meet at least six keys pressed at the same time on the USB connector, still functional and not overlapping. But on PS/2, all keys can be pressed at the same time bringing limitless possibilities. To make this a reality, a diode is soldered on each of the key switch to avoid current conflict or blocking. Upon purchase, you get to have 2 Windows keys that are keycap printed, as well as a key puller in case you need replacements.

Ducky One 2

Among the many keyboards Ducky has created, the One 2 series is one of the most sought after due to its gamer-friendly features, aesthetics, and design. The color set of the keys and the backlight are comfortable to the eyes, showing the colors on the keycap writings and not just plain printed like conventional keyboards. Upon typing, you’ll experience exceptional performance due to the PBT double-shot seamless keycaps that will last for millions of hits, as well as the Cherry MX key switches that give out a very peculiar bounce and feedback both in short and long key presses.

For transporting data from and to the computer, Ducky uses a detachable USB Type C to make sure that it provides a very high polling rate of over 1000Hz, sending and receiving signals 1000 times per second. It’s also travel-friendly, making the cable low-risk when it comes to cable wear and tear. And because there are different types of users when it comes to the angular position of the keyboard, there are over 3 different angle adjustments for comfort. But that’s not all. Ducky also included rubber stoppers on all the angle stands, whether flat, mid, or high angle, so that it does not slip on any surface.

Fnatic miniSTREAK

The Fnatic miniSTREAK, aside from being small with its tenkeyless form, is even more compressed with bezels that are very thin for the visuals. And with keys that are virtually afloat on the board, it’s creating a colorful illusion with its full RGB backlight. The gaming keyboard is all about comfort from the round edging of the keypads that appeal soothing to the eyes down to the polyurethane wrist rest that comes included with the mechanical gaming keyboard purchase.

Innovation comes in the miniSTREAK tenkeyless gaming keyboard through onboard light mode switching even without an application running in the computer. Choose between Rainbow Wave, Reactive, Single, or Gradient color on the keyboard, and customize it to check all the 8 lighting modes that give your keyboard that gamer feel. Durability is also the name of the game from the frame down to the wrist rest, with parts created with anodized metal plates, polyurethane leather, neodymium magnets, and rubber grips for overall staying power that can take on the heat on decisive gaming.

But what makes the Fnatic gaming keyboard a gamer’s choice are two things. One, the Cherry MX switches that can endure typing and pressing to over 50 million hits per switch. Two, the keyboard’s Competition Mode that can turn off unnecessary keys and leave those that are essential in your game; making it an excellent gear for winning competitions without the distraction.

Logitech G Pro

Designed with gaming professionals in mind, the Logitech G Pro is made to meet and exceed the standards of athletes in the esports arena. Unlike most mechanical gaming keyboards, the switches for the keypads are more responsive and durable. While it may be quieter, it still produces a tactile actuation that jives with the gamer instinct. Intended to be portable, the overall dimensions are small that are made more compact with the tenkeyless design, teamed up with a detachable USB Type C cable, perfect for bringing the keyboard in a backpack for personalized tournament battles.

Keystroke Signal Processing does sequence management from switch activation to USB signal, making the overall response rate 10ms faster than most gaming keyboards. Logitech also added the 26-key rollover that makes any combination of keys executed with no potential of current blocking due to conventional electrical schematics in the board.

Thanks to Lightsync RGB that’s customizable via the G HUB on your computer, you can modify gaming profiles, as well as lighting modes depending on your game, commanding over 16.8 million colors at the tip of your fingertips. And in case you have challenges with accidentally pressing keys due to dexterity issues, there’s also a section where you can disable certain keys depending on your game profile. But one of the best things you’ll find with software capability availability is the function key macros that can combine key sequences in a touch of a button, accessible via F1-F12 keys.

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S

At the onset, Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro S is touting its keyboard software being easy to use and simple to operate. With it, you can set your gaming profile to make the 16.7 million colors on the keyboard come together with your games, animation settings, or transition effects. But even without the software installed, you can change keyboard settings right on the tenkeyless gaming keyboard, and even set up macros with a few strokes and combinations. Software becomes an option B while you can have everything tuned up with just your keyboard such as profile set up and profile switching.

The keyboard from Cooler Master does not just look good, but it also executes fast. Thanks to the embedded 32-bit ARM Cortex processor in the board, performance when it comes to processing and transferring data between the switches and the computer goes uncompromised. For accuracy when it comes to keypress combinations, anti-ghosting technologies, including the N-key rollover, guarantee that you can combine different keys without the worry of command lags that contribute to game loss.

Even when the detachable cable connected to the tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard is only via Micro USB, the MCU is responsible for managing the strength of the polling rate, along with the response rate.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

First person shooting games are very critical when it comes to gear performance as the gameplay is often fast-paced, requiring players to be alert, agile, and fast. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro has created a tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard that adapts to FPS gaming demands with design and specifications that can impact the results of the game. Intended to be used by serious players, the Alloy FPS Pro is optimized to be tough, dependable, and accurate.

With the frame made from solid steel, the keyboard can endure tireless hours of play, as well as gamer stress during critical moments of the game. When it comes to the mechanical switches giving a sense of control, Cherry MX key switches are deployed to create hit feedback that confirms execution and response. And because technologies such as 100% anti-ghosting and N-key rollover exist with all of the keys, mixing function keys and essential control keys do not hamper your concentration. There’s even a Game Mode that activates only the essential keys for navigation and command, while idle keys do not provide room for distraction and delay.

Corsair K65 LUX

The Corsair K65 LUX is confident of its tenkeyless design for being compact, giving more room to mouse movement, an essential element when stuck with tournaments. With key switches that deploy the Cherry MX RGB Red, you’ll experience speedy actuations that doesn’t make a sound. Distance is pretty decent at 2mm for an operating force that does not require heavy pressing, being 45g only. All of the keys include a 104-key rollover along with 100% anti-ghosting that responds to speedy multiple keypress. But one of the best things an FPS or MOBA designed gaming keyboard can give is the textured keys that include a grip that exudes command.

Even though Corsair made the mechanical gaming keyboard to be short-bodied, it is quite surprising that they were still able to maintain the standard spacing between keys, providing almost zero learning curve when it comes to familiarity. Thanks to the large keycap fonts that go together with multi-color backlighting, your gaming keyboard looks attractive in the realm of war. And with an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame encasing the whole keyboard, it’s designed to last for ages.

Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma

Venomous and deadly, that’s how the Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma is when it comes to utilizing the tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard in the midst of foes. Whatever competition has created with switches, frame, and design, Razer does better with performance owned and conquered by one of the greatest names when it comes to gaming accessories. What makes this keyboard feared by others is the tournament-grade precision that’s found in the keypad switches. Razer has designed its own mechanical switches from the ground up, giving a very peculiar gaming experience that’s miles apart from other brands.

Protective switch housing, Razer green switch, gold plated contact points, and the 50g high quality springs make up the component that provides the best of gaming. The key switch is so durable and reliable that each of the switch lasts 30 million strokes longer than the 50 million gaming industry standard.

Compact design, military grade frame, and an all-powerful Chroma color system manageable through Razer Synapse makes up the whole tournament-geared keyboard.

SteelSeries Apex M750

Experience the SteelSeries difference with lighting effects that’s engineered for the Apex M750 tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard that can’t be found anywhere else. Choose between Active Effects, Keypress Reactive, GIFs, and Game Sense lighting modes that spans from the usual down to game-specific lighting movements.

The SteelSeries QX2 mechanical switch is also known for its sheer performance with parts like copper click leaves, DURACON thermoplastic stems, and clear casings that make up the whole component for the switches. And because it creates action with a minimal 2mm actuation point and 45cN force, it’s a system sought by many players.

Touted to be built like a tank, the M750 is encased in a series 5000 aluminum alloy that provides switches a solid base and zero-flex stability that endures well against gamer stress.

The best keyboard?

Look for the gaming keyboard that feels right on your fingers the first time you use it. You may find comfort in included wrist pads, adjustable angle stands, or in the response of the key switches to your intensity in key pressing. But one thing’s for sure. All of them are built for the heavy gamer, and they all come in a package that’s well worth your investment.