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7 Best Intel Core i9 Processor Laptops in 2019

5 Best Intel Core i9 Processor Laptops in 2019

We have seen generations pass with the i3, the i5, and the i7 processors from Intel addressing speed needs a system, a chipset, a GPU at a time. But with the growing specifications needed in modern-day games come a need to satiate the gap that expanded from a question if there’s more to gaming than

5 Best HTC Vive VR Games in 2019

Now that virtual reality is out, there has been a lot of VR video games released and more still being released, so we have compiled a list of what we think to be the some of the best you can get, as of right now. It can be hard finding a good VR game because

5 Best VR Ready Graphics Card For Gaming In 2019

Virtual reality is a fairly new technology, and it’s one that not everyone can take advantage of — that’s because the hardware requirements — depending on the VR application you’re using — can be pretty high-end. You could easily spend a couple thousand on building a PC that can efficiently handle virtual reality, whether that