How to fix an HP Stream notebook computer that won’t turn on? [Troubleshooting Guide]

This post addressed an issue on the HP Stream notebook computer that won’t power on. If you are among those who are plagued with the same trouble and landed into this page while searching for help, then this post is for you. Read on to find out what’s preventing your HP computer from turning on and troubleshoot the problem using any of the applicable solutions including the workarounds I’ve outlined below.

Power issues in computers are usually tied to hardware damage. Often times the problem can be associated with a damaged power cord, power supply, or any relevant malfunctioning components in the motherboard. There are also other cases where the software is to blame. In this case, the computer has power but just couldn’t get past the bootup process. This happens because something is preventing the boot up system to carry out its usual routine.

Among the common culprits are bad apps or crashing programs, malware or computer virus, or worst, corrupted OS.

Potential solutions to power issues on an HP Stream notebook computer

Considering that your HP Stream notebook failed to power on due to some software-related attributes, you still can take your chances in working on a solution. Other people were able to deal a similar issue without paying extra for a service charge, so you might as well give it a shot. So here are your options.

First method: Long press the Power button and see any sign of life.

Many people were able to find remedy by doing this trick so you should give it a try too.  To do so, press the Power button for a few seconds and check for any signs of power including any LED lights turning on, blinking cursor or error prompt on the display, as well as noises like fans or beeps. These are possible indications that your computer has power but just couldn’t boot up properly.

Second method: Disconnect any peripheral devices.

Sometimes external devices/accessories attached to your computer can cause conflict during startup. To make sure this isn’t what’s causing your trouble, remove or disconnect any peripheral devices including USB storage devices from your computer. Unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the Power button for about 15 seconds. Reconnect the AC adapter to your computer but do not plug in any of the peripheral devices. And now try to turn on your computer. If you see a startup menu, use the Arrow keys to select Start Windows Normally option then press the Enter key to confirm.

If your computer is able to boot up successfully from this attempt, reconnect any peripheral devices and then  run Windows Update and HP Support assistant update to update all drivers in your computer.

Third method: Plug it into power source then try to turn on while it’s plugged in.

To rule out the possibility about the problem inflicted by a bad or drained battery, try to plug your HP notebook computer in to a power source or outlet then press the Power button. If you see any LED lights showing anywhere on the keypad, it means that your computer has power. Most likely it is just locked up or stuck on a black screen due to some system malfunctions. If this is what’s transpiring on your end, refer to the next solution.

Last option: Factory reset your HP Stream notebook computer.

As your last resort, you can try performing a factory reset on your computer. Of course, you can only do so if your computer has power.

A factory reset reformats the entire hard disk drive of your computer, re-installs the original operating system (OS) and reinstalls the original hardware drivers and software. The required Recovery partition (usually drive D:) and all other required partitions are recreated in the reset process. In addition, a factory reset also returns all of the computer’s software to the condition it was first procured. This means that all changes you’ve made and contents you’ve added are removed in the process.

Ask more help from technical support

For further assistance and other options, you may contact the HP Support team. A more advanced solution will likely be necessary if the problem you are dealing with is a complex system error that could only be resolved using a dedicated tool or advanced recovery software. Otherwise, contact Microsoft for more help in troubleshooting no power or boot up problems inflicted by a faulty Windows operating system instead. HP support people may not have the same tools as Microsoft does.

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  1. When charging, only charges for a few seconds. Wiggle connection about, charges again for seconds. Got new charger, same thing. Can connection on laptop be changed, or is there another solution?

  2. Nina, from the sound of it, your charging port on the machine requires replacement. I would contact a local IT professional.

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