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Surface Pro 7 vs. Spectre x360 Best 2 in 1 Laptop 2020

Check Laptop Specs Windows 10

Microsoft was the first to introduce the 2-in-1 laptop products into the market. And its long line of 2-in-1 products is not stopping anytime soon. However, other brands have joined the party, and even threatening to push Microsoft, the originator, aside. Right now, HP’s Spectre x360 and Microsoft’s Surface Pro are battling for supremacy. The

6 Best Surface Pro 7 Alternatives In 2020

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

When it comes to 2-in-1 laptops, we all know that Microsoft Pro 7 is one of the best in the market. However, it’s always good to have an alternative over everything. The Microsoft Pro 7 laptop, despite its alluring features, lacks one or two important things for the user. For instance, the battery life is

How to fix an HP Stream notebook computer that cannot connect to Wi-Fi Internet [Troubleshooting Guide]

Dealing with Wi-Fi issues in laptop and notebook computers can be both annoying and challenging. Annoying in the sense that you couldn’t get to the must-have wireless Internet feature until the main issue is fixed. The thing is that finding the ultimate solution for Wi-Fi issues can be a bit of a challenge given that

7 Best Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard in 2020

7 Best Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard in 2019

Chromebooks, though not as mainstream as Windows or Apple, they are growing to be crowd favorites due to the level of accessibility and availability of its applications, the majority of which are free via download over Google Play. And the laptops that support Chromebooks are getting more and more robust with better processors, larger screens,

Lenovo vs HP Best Laptops for Students in 2020

Lenovo vs HP Best Laptops for Students in 2019

Finishing strong in school, whether making the best reports, showing stellar-looking projects, and submitting impressive paperwork can be possible with technologies and innovations to make your work simpler and more efficient. Though not a necessity considered by some, laptops for students provide means for learners to not only retain what they are learning, but it

How to Connect a Monitor to a Laptop and Use Both Screens

How to Connect a Monitor to a Laptop and Use Both Screens

Because your laptop screen could only offer so much for your viewing, multi-tasking, or gaming enjoyment, just using one screen for everything doesn’t make the cut. In fact, there are many laptop savvies out there that opt to purchase an additional monitor for them to be able to have the optimum laptop-using experience by extending

5 Best Laptop Stands In 2020

5 Best Laptop Stands In 2019

Laptop stands are different from laptop tables or lap desks in a way that such accessories are created to give your laptop extra height from the desk surface. Usually considering ergonomics as the basis of design, functionality coming in as second, these stands become a must-buy, especially to those who have neck and back problems.

How to fix an HP Stream notebook computer that won’t pair or connect to a Bluetooth device? [Troubleshooting Guide]

You’re aiming to listen to your favorite soundtracks or playlists from your HP Stream notebook computer to your car Bluetooth stereo or other external speakers/audio devices but for some reasons you couldn’t, since your Bluetooth devices cannot be recognized by your computer. In short, Bluetooth is not working on your HP Stream if not the