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10 Best Laptop for Machine Learning in 2020

Let’s face it, machine learning is a field that requires the best performing laptops with top specifications, and any student will want to equip themselves with the best machine learning laptop. Having a laptop with “good” specifications is not enough when it comes to machine learning. You need the most powerful ones that can take

10 Best Laptop for Data Science in 2020

Fields such as data mining, data analysis, and data science are increasingly gaining importance in today’s world of the internet. There is an enormous level of interest in these fields right now. There are several individuals who are involved in some of these fields. As a result, they need top-performing laptops that are tailored for

How to fix Dell Inspiron laptop won’t turn on

When it comes to computers, not turning on and not booting up are two different problems and it’s necessary that we distinguish one from the other in our troubleshooting so that we won’t cause confusion to our readers who are asking for our help. In this post, I will tackle an issue with the Dell

How to download and install update for your Dell Inspiron BIOS

Part of doing hardware diagnostics in your #DellInspiron computer, be it a desktop or laptop, especially if the issue involves power- or battery-related problems, is a BIOS update. In this post, we provide the step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to successfully update the BIOS in your system. Before we proceed to the