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3 Best RGB LED Lighting Kit Modding for PC

PC gaming and modding go hand in hand. LEDs have been a staple in the modding community since back in the day. With modern LED lighting kits, you can illuminate the inside of your gaming PC with any color you want, and the installation takes just a few minutes. We’ve tested some of the most popular RGB LED lighting kits on the market, and here are our favorites.

Best RGB LED Lighting Kit

NZXT HUE+ Advanced PC Lighting

NZXT, an American computer hardware manufacturer has gained tremendous respect in the gaming community thanks to their stunning computers cases and high-performance components and accessories. If you keep an eye on the pro-gaming scene, chances are that you’ve seen at least a few gamers using NZXT products.

NZXT’s RGB PC lighting system is designed to work with their CAM monitoring software. CAM helps users track framerates, monitor CPU and GPU temperature, display detailed graphs and usage statistics, and it can even overclock popular GPUs. HUE+ receives real-time PC usage information from CAM to dynamically react to the changing performance of your system, providing instant visual feedback. It’s meant to fit into an SSD tray, and each of its two lighting outputs can support up to 4 LED strips, which can run separate effects. HUE+ comes with two LED strips, and you get another two when you purchase the HUE+ Extension Kit for $20. While definitely more expensive than other LED lighting kits, HUE+ stands out with its ingenious design and premium quality.

Pangton Villa LED Strip

You can use this versatile LED strip either for your TV or PC. It’s IP65 waterproof to save you from a potential disaster in case you manage to spill water over it, and it ships with a 24-key remote control, which allows you to switch between its four modes: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

To install the strip, you simply remove the protective film from the included 3M adhesive tape and stick it anywhere you want. Pangton Villa uses much higher quality LEDs than its competitors, resulting in an excellent lifespan of around 50,000 hours and a much higher brightness of 75 lumens. The product is covered by a 1-year warranty and is available in four sizes.

Tingkam RGB Kit

This popular, cost effective RGB kit includes 2 LED strips, each with 18 lights. You can control the strips using a remote control. The remote allows you to switch between 4 light modes and 16 colors, so you can match it with the color scheme of your gaming PC.

The manufacturer has said goodbye to the popular 3M adhesive, replacing it with magnets. This means that you can easily take out the LED strips and place them somewhere else without dealing with that sticky residue that adhesive tapes tend to leave behind. For just around $20, this is an excellent option for gamers who would like to pimp their rigs without spending too much cash.

Best RGB LED Lighting Kit

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