8 Best CPU for Premiere Pro in 2023

For those looking to build a video editing PC, the processor is one of the most important components they should have. Almost all types of video editing software, including Premiere Pro, depend heavily on a good CPU to work very well. So, you cannot run away from getting a nice CPU that’s packed with enough power to withstand heavy editing tasks.

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And when we are talking about CPUs for Premiere Pro, there are lots of options available.  That’s why it’s important to pick the best with enough power for all types of tasks with your premiere pro video editing software.

Choosing the best CPU for Premiere Pro

Not every CPU is good for video editing, and getting the most expensive one doesn’t make it a better option. Certain features would help your video editing software work very well.

The CPU’s core speeds and a number of treads are very important. There are other important features you need to consider as well. But we’ve saved you the headache of having to browse through several options in the market.

Out of the many CPUs in the market, we’ve selected 10, based on the clock speeds, number of threads, and overall performance. They are the perfect match for your Premiere Pro software. Read on to find out which one that best suits your video editing needs.

Best CPU for Premiere Pro

1) AMD Ryzen 5 3600

If you’re not involved in hardcore video editing and most of your workflow is based on contents from social media like YouTube and Facebook, the Ryzen 5 3600 is probably the best CPU for Premiere Pro you can have. It’s very affordable and will give you great value for money.

The CPU is one of the most affordable CPUs in the market right now. It may not be the toughest, but it comes with enough cores and threads for your complex video editing tasks.

It has an advanced socket AM4 platform that supports PCIe 4.0 on x570 motherboards. It also has 35MB of cache DDR4 3200 support, as well as a 4.2 maximum boost.

This CPU is unlocked for overclocking, making it perform even better when dealing with high-intensity video editing tasks with Premiere Pro.

Ryzen 5 3600 is equipped with 12 threads and 6 cores, as well as Wraith Stealth cooler which keeps the CPU’s temperature in order. The Wraith Cooler is very quiet even when working at full speed and maximum capacity.

In case you love gaming, the system will also fit properly because it delivers more than 100 fps performance in the most common games.

It’s the less powerful version of the 3600X, but it still delivers optimum performance in terms of speed when using your Premiere Pro video editing software.

This is probably the best CPU for Premiere Pro if you are on a very tight budget and looking for a decent CPU. You can always get this CPU and save money for aftermarket storage or RAM to improve your workflow.

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2) Intel Core i7-9700K

Intel Core i7-9700K is an 8-core, 8-thread processor which offers support to Intel Optane memory. The CPU comes with a 12 MB cache and a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz with a boost clock speed of 4.90GHz.

It uses Intel UHD Graphics 630 and is compatible with only the 300 Series Chipsets motherboards.

It may not be the most powerful chip or even the fastest one in the market. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly processor with the strength and power to carry out most video editing tasks, this one will serve you.

Before the Core i9s came on board, Intel Core i7s was the brand’s flagship product. Although the i9s have swept off the supremacy of these i7 models, they are still very powerful and much relevant today.

And you will still get them cheaper than the more expensive i9 version. So, this is arguably the best CPU for Premiere Pro when it comes to better value for money.

However, unlike the i9-9900K, this processor doesn’t come with hyperthreading, So, you only have 8 threads and 8 cores, which may affect its performance a little bit. But one very impressive feature you will like about this i7 processor is the boost clock rate of up to 4.9 GHz. And with overclocking, it’s still possible to push it further.

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3) Intel Core i5-9600K

We tried to include the needs of everyone who is looking for the best CPU for premiere pro. Some of the CPUs here are budget-friendly models while others are high-end models. This one comes under the budget-friendly category.

Because it’s affordable doesn’t make it not good enough. If you’re just starting as a video editor, this is probably the best CPU for premiere pro you need.

It includes all the basic features and the right speed levels you will need for your tasks.

Core i5-9600K CPU has Intel UHD graphics and supports Intel Optane Memory. This CPU has a base clock of 3.7GHz, with the capacity of attaining up to 4.6GHz when boosted.

Generally, an i5-9600K processor shouldn’t have any business on this list, but the introduction of new technologies has made it possible. We included it here because we know it’s powerful to take on several video editing tasks with Premiere Pro.

The 6 cores and 6 threads would be enough to help you complete any task in record time. But despite this CPU’s efficiency and speed, it’s still far below the i7 and i9 models in comparison.

But it’s cheaper. That’s why it makes a lot of sense for a starter who is still in the learning curves of video editing. As you grow in confidence and experience, that’s when you start considering a stronger and tougher CPU.

Another good thing here is the fact that this is also an unlocked processor, making it very easy for overclocking and getting higher clocks. This is probably the best CPU for Premiere Pro if you are just starting as a video editor.

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4) Intel Core i9-9900K

The i9-9900K is an impressive all-round processor that can do virtually all types of video editing tasks. It’s a powerful consumer-grade CPU for Premiere Pro and other video editing software.

While the i7 version isn’t a hyperthreading CPU, this one doubles the threads, as you get 16 threads and 8 cores here. And with a high boost clock that reaches 5.0 GHz, you have nothing to worry about in terms of speed.

The CPU is capable of taking on complicated tasks like encoding workflows, rendering, as well as video editing. If you are not building a PC only for video editing, and want to throw in a couple of games sometimes, this processor will also serve for that.

It’s also an unlocked processor, making it easy to overlock in case you want to improve the speed beyond the basics. This will come in handy when you want to stretch the system for better performance. With the unlocked feature, you will able to manage your system well and work a lot smoother.

Also, i9-9900K has a cooling system, which is absent in the previous i7 version we listed above.

However, overclocking the CPU means you need to install a more powerful cooling system to keep the processor at a perfect working level without overheating.

Although the price in on the high side, there’s no doubt you will enjoy every bit of the CPU if you’re looking for the best CPU for premiere pro. Apart from using it for video editing, this processor is also great and performs well for gaming.

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5) AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

AMD Ryzen also comes with advanced socket AM4 which supports PCIe on x570 motherboards.

It is equipped with an impressive 36MB of game cache and 4.4 GHz of maximum boost.

Ryzen 7 3700X is already unlocked for overclocking, which is vital when you want to push the system’s performance a bit further.

It has 8 cores and 16 processing threads, with a special Wraith prism cooler included. With the built-in cooler, you do not need to buy another cooling system.

This processor compares favorably with its 3800X counterpart, but it has a bit lesser power when you look at the clock speed levels.

If you’re looking for the best CPU for Premiere Pro, we are certain you’re not going to get disappointed with this one.

It may be a bit slower than the 3800X in terms of render times, but it matches well in other areas. It’s also far better than its Intel 3700X equivalent. If we are looking at hyperthreading, this AMD’s 7 3700K processor is far better than its Intel counterpart.

It has an impressive performance level when it comes to hyperthreading performance. It’s also a great CPU for entry-level video editors. If you are out for a budget-friendly CPU that will answer all your questions on a perfect video editing, this CPU may be the right one for your needs.

However, when you compare the Ryzen 7 3700X to its actual Intel counterpart, the Core i7-9700K, this is where you will notice a big difference that favors AMD’s chip. The lack of hyperthreading on the 9700K means that it only comes with eight cores and threads, which suffers when compared side by side with the 3700X.

If you are looking to save a few bucks and not chase for that extra minute or two in rendering times, then the Ryzen 7 3700X is the perfect video editing CPU for you.

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6) AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

5 3600X is the more advanced version of the 5 3600X model. If you’re looking for more features for your video editing tasks, you can always opt for this CPU rather than the non-X version we mentioned above. Although both of them have similar performance levels, the 5 3600X version can go a step further when overclocked.

Like the non-X variant, 5 3600X comes with 12 threads and 8 cores, making it great for advanced tasks like video editing and gaming.

And if you’re using Premiere Pro, the CPU will always respond swiftly to commands and instructions.

With its simultaneous multithreading capabilities, the CPU shows more superior performance than some of the 9th generation Intel Core CPUs like Core i7-9700K.

Like its non-X variant, this CPU comes with an advanced AM4 socket platform, which supports PCI4.0 on x570 motherboard.

It has 35MB of cache and 4.4GHz maximum boost clock speeds. The processor was touted as the world’s most advanced desktop PC processor until the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X came on board. But it still delivers superior performance both in video editing and in various types of games.

 If you’re doing some lighter video editing tasks, then this is the best CPU for Premiere Pro. However, it may not be the right fit if you’re rendering time or doing a much more complex video editing task. It’s another CPU for entry-level Premiere Pro users, so you shouldn’t expect too much from the CPU.

When you measure the price/performance ratio, the processor beats most of the processors out there that are offered even at higher prices.

It’s not the most powerful or fastest of chips out there, but it still does come with lots of power for the production of video content without the need to upgrade.

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7) AMD RYZEN 9 3900X

AMD Ryzen comes from the same family as Ryzen 3950X, and they are two powerful processors. If you’re looking for the best CPU for Premiere Pro, this one is not going to disappoint you. It’s the king of multithreading, allowing you to overclock the CPU to increase performance.

If you can’t afford the more powerful 3950X CPU, this is your next best alternative. With 12 cores and 24 threads, there is no video editing task the CPU cannot handle.

The clock speed is also very impressive. It comes with a base clock speed of 3.8 GHz and a boost clock speed of 4.6GHz. Even if you’re doing the most complicated editing work with your Premiere Pro, this CPU will make short work of it.

Like the 3950X, this Ryzen 9 3900X outperforms the best Intel CPUs. The significantly higher threads and higher cores leave Intel’s i9-9900k behind when you compare them side-by-side.

Interestingly, 9 3900X is also unlocked, allowing you to easily overclock and add more to its performance if the current clock setting is not okay for you.

It also uses the AMD AM4 socket, which will be needed in case you want to upgrade to a more recent Ryzen chip.

The processor is one of the most powerful in the market. When it comes to multi-core performance, this is the king. That’s why it is the favorite for experienced video editors who always work on a high-intensity task that require the fastest and tough processors.

If you want to build the perfect system for video editing, you will love all the features of this processor.

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8) AMD Ryzen 9 3950X

Although the lists of products here have been arranged in no particular order, we decided to save the best for last.

If you’re looking for the best CPU for Premiere Pro, this is the indisputable champion. With an amazing 16 cores and 32 processing threads, you cannot have any other processor with such numbers.

It’s an absolute beast of a processor, which will take on any type of task you throw at it. There’s no question about that.

It’s AMD’s most powerful desktop processor, and you cannot beat this unless you have server-grade chips or a high-end desktop.

A good video editing task requires a CPU with the highest number of cores and threads. This CPU brings an abundance of cores and threads, coupled with an unbelievable amount of computing units the CPU has. It will also reduce your encoding and rendering times, making your work faster and more effective.

The nearest Intel competitor this CPU has is the Core i9-9900k processor, which only has half of the number of cores and threads. And for the first time, this AMD processor costs a lot more than its nearest Intel rival. Moreover, in terms of performance, you can’t put both of them in the same shoe. This AMD processor is always going to be an outright winner.

It is designed for the enthusiastic and very experienced video editors who want to have the best system for their high-intensity tasks.  If you’re looking for the best CPU for Premiere Pro, this is surely on the top list.

However, be warned that this is probably the most expensive CPU ever produced. We are not talking about a slight increase in price, but more of a triple-fold increase. That’s the only reason people are turning away from it. Otherwise, if you can afford the price, there is no better option than this processor.

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AMDAMD Ryzen 7 3700XCheck Price on Amazon
IntelIntel Core i7-9700KCheck Price on Amazon
AMDAMD Ryzen 5 3600Check Price on Amazon
IntelIntel Core i5-9600KCheck Price on Amazon
IntelIntel Core i9-9900KCheck Price on Amazon

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