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5 Best WiFi Routers for Streaming in 2019

5 Best WiFi Routers for Streaming in 2019

WiFi routers are mainly created to send internet signals around a particular area, supporting a number of devices, with speeds that are consistent to what your internet service is providing. However, there are routers that have the capability to stream 4K or HD videos, while distributing bandwidth to other gadgets, computers, or tablets, depending on

How to fix Windows 10 Ethernet connection that keeps dropping [Troubleshooting Guide]

The internet has become one of our essential tools to help us gather information. For example for students, answering assignments is easy, getting ideas about school projects is abundant and many more. In short, internet is an unlimited source of information. But many of Windows 10 users are having issues connecting to the internet and

5 Ways To Get Free Internet

Internet is more accessible than ever these days, but sometimes, that Internet isn’t always high-speed. Besides that, surprising as it might be, there are some places in even the US where Internet isn’t accessible — the more rural areas and communities, of course. So, with a society that views information as so central, how do

How to delete web browsers caches stored on your computer (easy steps)

Every time you open a webpage, the web browser you use stores small files in your computer’s hard disk. While these files are temporary and small, they may use a few gigabytes worth of storage space over time. Caches actually makes browsing a little faster since the browser doesn’t need to download data it has

Mac Network or Connectivity Issues: Why is my Mac computer unable to access Wi-Fi or no Internet? [Troubleshooting Guide]

Your overall Mac experience will be considered incomplete without a decent Internet connection. On top of the stunning physical features, almost all operations carried out on your Mac device involves Internet connection like sending emails, downloading apps, and online video/audio streaming. That is why it’s a normal reaction from Mac users to get irate when

Easy steps on how to fix “Aw, Snap!” errors in Chrome [troubleshooting guide]

If you’ve been using Google Chrome for some time now, you must have encountered “Aw, Snap!” errors. If you’re wondering what this error means, and whether or not there’s something that you can do about it, this troubleshooting post should help you. “Aw, Snap!” error can happen anytime and it can be caused by a lot of

Windows 10 Network Connectivity Issues: Cannot Connect to the Internet/Wi-Fi [Troubleshooting Guide]

While most people nowadays are utilizing mobile devices to carry out everyday tasks such as email processing, appointments scheduling, and other online transactions. While using mobile devices for these purposes is irrefutably comfortable, sometimes there are certain things that could not be done efficiently through mobile Internet. And this is where computers play a vital

How to fix “Secure Connection Failed” error message in Firefox [troubleshooting guide]

One of the common issues in Mozilla Firefox is “Secure Connection Failed” error. This error can be fixed relatively easily so we hope that this brief troubleshooting guide will help. Before we proceed to the main topic though, we would like to remind you that we accept requests for assistance regarding their Windows computers. If you