Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Which Is Better

Dell is not a new face in the laptop manufacturing industry. A lot of users rate them as one of the best brands in the world. And they are right, considering the top quality laptop models under their name. Our intention here is to compare and contrast between two of the brand’s products. If you love Dell products and have a hard time choosing between the Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro, we would help you make your decision easier. Let’s compare these two laptops to find out which one suits you better.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Which Is Better 5Dell2019_Dell Vostro Real Business 3000 15.6Check Price on Amazon
Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Which Is Better 6DellDell Inspiron 15 5000, 2019 15.6Check Price on Amazon

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It’s always challenging to select between two products, especially when they have similar features and specifications. It’s even more difficult when the products come from the same brand. Dell’s newest laptop models, Inspiron and Vostro, share similar things in common. But they also have their differences as well. While one works better as a business laptop, the other may be better for gaming enthusiasts.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro

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Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Design

In terms of aesthetic features, the Dell Inspiron may not inspire many fashionable individuals. It’s a bit chunky and bland, with an island-styled keyboard in place. The 1080p screen is just too dull and does not come with any fancy look. Inspiron is designed like a traditional laptop. When placed side-by-side with other laptop models, there is no unique external feature that can help you quickly identify it.

The Dell Vostro 3000 has similar design features, but it’s a bit more attractive in the eyes than its Inspiron brother. The lid on the laptop has a plastic material. We believe Dell included the plastic on the lid to beautify the laptop. And that’s precisely what it does. There is no recognized function of the plastic, except for the fashionable role it plays.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Performance

Although the design of Inspiron may not be the best in the market, we cannot, by any means, fault its performance. The touchscreen laptop has 1TB HDD, 256GB PCIe SSD, 12GB RAM, and an Intel i5 Core processor. Serious gamers will love the 12GB of RAM the system has. Also, it comes with 6MB AmartCache and a frequency that can reach up to 3.9GHz. Also, Inspiron has a built-in UHD graphics, 720p HD webcam, and a touchscreen LED display for visibility under low light conditions. That’s why it’s specifically meant for complex tasks like graphic design and top-level gaming.

But as a business laptop, the Dell Vostro laptop only comes with 8GB of memory. However, it shares similar features with the Inspiron model. The laptop also has the i5 core processor with a frequency of up to 3.9GHz, just like the Inspiron model. You also get x1 Wi-Fi, SATA Hard Drive, Intel UHD graphics, and an LED-backlit display. Unfortunately, Vostro doesn’t have a touchscreen display.

The laptop is ideal for business people and those looking for a reliable and effective laptop for multitasking. If you want a system strictly for gaming, The Dell Inspiron laptop is the right option. However, if you are using the laptop mainly for spreadsheet applications, the Vostro laptop will do just fine to you.

Although they use the same type of processor, the Dell Inspiron is faster than the Vostro model because of the former’s high memory bank. If you’re not really into gaming but want something that can maintain a high-performance level, the Vostro will be suitable. But if you are a seasoned gamer, the Dell Inspiron is designed to take care of any gaming needs. The Inspiron display may not be the best, but it’s relatively sharp, considering its 1080p resolution.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro

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Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Keyboard and Touchpad

The Inspiron comes with a keyboard measuring 1.4 mm of travel. The keyboard feels soft on the fingers. The keys feel a bit lose. It may not be the best deal available when it comes to keyboard functionality. But if you are going to type for a longer time, this will feel comfortable because of the keys. Dell Inspiron also comes with a touchpad. This is an added feature that is absent in the Vostro model.

The Vestro’s keyboard is also great. It has chicle-island keys that offer the right balance of resistance and feedback. Although it has a low balance of 1.26mm, it’s still responsive enough for error-free typing.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Battery Life

The battery life of both Inspiron and Vostro is decent enough. Inspiron can last between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the use. When used to stream movies, browse through the internet, or do some graphics work, it can take you up to 6 hours. But if you are not opening so many apps at a time, it could take you for a long 8 hours ride.

The Vostro model offers a similar battery life as the Inspiron model. It can stay for up to 5 hours under heavy use. But the battery life could extend to 7 hours is you are not doing much on the system.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Audio features

When it comes to audio, Dell Inspiron performs exceptionally well because of its innovative stereo speakers with MaxxAudio Pro. It makes the speakers quite loud, which is excellent for gaming and streaming of movies. The inbuilt MaxxAudio has some dials and several preset equalizers that can enable you to adjust the sound.  Inspiron is excellent for music because of the highly filtered sound you will get when you switch on the MaxxAudio pro features.

Vostro also has loudspeakers that make you feel like you are plating a home theater. The audio feature of Vostro is moderate enough to give you superior sound quality. But it seems Inspiron does better with its trademark MaxxAudio technology.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Affordability

Although Dell has made it possible for both laptops to be affordable to users, Vostro tends to be less expensive than the Inspiron model. Dell deliberately took out specific features to make it accessible for the everyday business person. For instance, there are few color options for this model, which means that Dell will not incur the additional cost of producing so many types of Vostro laptops. It reduced Dell’s cost of production, which is reflecting on the cost of the laptop.

This makes it an excellent choice for small businesses with a low budget. When starting up a business, income usually overshadows expenses. Those who want to cut down on expenses by going for an affordable laptop will enjoy the cost and quality of the Vostro laptop.

Also, the different color options of Inspiron suggests that the laptop is going to be more expensive than its Vostro counterpart.

Another difference between Vostro and Inspiron is the installation of software. Inspiron has so many of this software, which can sometimes stand in the way when the user wants to install its software. However, for Vostro, there is very few pre-installed software. Having so much software may be great, but most users would prefer to maintain a small group of software. They would prefer having the most crucial software features while creating space for other things.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Connecting ports and Other accessories

Each of these laptops has its share of accessories to enhance performance. The Dell Vostro comes with ports for USB 3.1-A, RJ-45, HDMI feature, power Jack, Wedge-shaped lock slot, USB 2.0, and an SD card reader.

Inspiron also has similar connecting ports. There’s the fingerprint reader (for better security), backlit keyboard, WLAN+Bluetooth 4.2, Maxxaudio Pro speakers, and Windows 10 home 64 bits. Also, it comes with a good number of connecting ports. These include one media card reader, 1 x combo microphone/headphone jack, one RJ-45, HDMI, one USB 2.0 port, and two USB 3.2 ports.

From these features, we can see that The Inspiron has more connecting features than the Vostro model.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Comparison Conclusion

Dell has been manufacturing computers to cater to the needs of a broad group of users. That’s precisely why the company offered two lines of the Dell computer recently. The idea is to provide the right features for the right type of individual.

The Inspiron is intended for home users with different types of needs. On the other hand, Vostro is a classic system that caters to the small business market as a reliable and affordable option. It’s cheaper than the Inspiron, which is the reason why it has a lesser memory bank. The two laptops are similar but unique in their ways. We have seen their differences above. Therefore, your final decision should be based on its intended use.

Frequently asked questions

Which is better, Vostro, or Inspiron?

Both Inspiron and Vostro laptops are exceptional in their ways. When it comes to word processing and multitasking, Vostro is suitable because of its long battery life. However, Inspiron is tougher with more color options and more pre-installed software.

Which between Inspiron and Vostro has stronger battery power?

Vostro takes this one because it has a few preinstalled apps.

Is Inspiron suitable for gaming?

Yes. Between Vostro and Inspiron, the latter will perform better than the former because of the more significant memory bank. Dell Inspiron is designed for demanding tasks, including graphic design and gaming.

How long does Vostro’s battery last?

Under regular use, the battery can stay up for about 7 hours.

Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Which Is Better 5Dell2019_Dell Vostro Real Business 3000 15.6Check Price on Amazon
Dell Inspiron Vs. Dell Vostro Which Is Better 6DellDell Inspiron 15 5000, 2019 15.6Check Price on Amazon

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