How To Fix Roblox Error Code 913 On Xbox One | Updated 2023 

On the immensely famous online gaming platform and game production system Roblox, users may create and play games developed by other players. Millions of gamers enjoy it on various gadgets, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles like the Xbox One. However, Xbox One players often face error code 913 which prevents them from playing Roblox games properly. This comprehensive guide will discuss the common causes behind this error and provide step-by-step solutions to fix error code 913 on Roblox for Xbox One.

Common Causes of Error Code 913 on Roblox for Xbox One

There are a few typical reasons why Xbox One users see the error code 913 on Roblox:

Outdated version of Roblox app. If you still need to update to the latest version on Xbox One, it can trigger this error. New updates often fix bugs and glitches.

Network connectivity issues. Weak WiFi signal strength, using mobile hotspots, router problems, or other network errors can lead to error code 913.

Server outages. Periodic Roblox server maintenance, downtime, or overloaded servers can also show this error.

Corrupt game files. Sometimes, key Roblox game files get corrupted, which causes various errors, including 913.

Xbox Live problems. Issues with your Xbox Live account, like subscription expiration, can prevent accessing Roblox normally.

Conflicts with Xbox One system. In rare cases, the error might stem from a system-level issue with your console.

Solutions to fix Error Code 913 on Roblox for Xbox One

Xbox One users can take various troubleshooting steps to resolve error code 913 in Roblox. We will go through each potential solution individually, starting with simpler software-based fixes like updating the Roblox app, then moving on to solutions like checking your network connectivity, verifying Xbox Live status, clearing cached data, and checking for any pending system updates. These fixes can help narrow down the cause of error 913 and get Roblox back up and running on your Xbox One.

Fix 1: Update or reinstall Roblox app.

An outdated version of the Roblox app is a common trigger for error code 913 on Xbox One. Updating to the latest Roblox version can fix bugs and conflicts that cause this error. If updates are unavailable, uninstall Roblox completely from your Xbox One and reinstall it afresh from the Microsoft Store. This will replace all existing files and configurations with new ones.

  1. open the My Games & Apps section on your Xbox One.
  2. Select Roblox and press the Menu button on the controller.
  3. Choose the Manage Game and add-ons from the menu.
  4. If any Roblox updates are pending, install them now.
  5. Otherwise, select Uninstall All to remove Roblox completely.
  6. Open Microsoft Store on Xbox and search for Roblox. Reinstall it on your console.

Fix 2: Troubleshoot network connectivity.

Since error 913 can occur due to network problems, troubleshoot your internet connection. Switch to wired Ethernet if using WiFi. Move your Xbox One closer to the wireless router for a better signal. Alternatively, connect your smartphone and use its mobile hotspot to rule out any issues with your home WiFi. Also, reboot your wireless router and modem to refresh the connections.

  1. connect Xbox directly to the router via an Ethernet cable if on WiFi.
  2. If the signal weakens, move Xbox closer to the wireless router.
  3. Use a smartphone’s mobile hotspot as an alternative WiFi source.
  4. Reboot the router and modem by unplugging them for 60 seconds.

Fix 3: Check Xbox Live status.

Some Xbox Live outages or problems with your account can also display error code 913 in Roblox. Visit Xbox official page to check if Xbox Live services are up. Also, try signing out and back into your Xbox Live account on the console. Update your account subscription or billing details if prompted. Restarting the Xbox One will refresh the connection and registration with Xbox Live servers.

  1. Go to to check for any Xbox Live outages.
  2. On your console, press the Xbox button and select Settings.
  3. Navigate to Account > Sign out. Then sign back into your Xbox Live account.
  4. If prompted, update account subscription or billing details.
  5. Fully shut down the console and restart it.

Fix 4: Clear Roblox cache.

Over time, cached Roblox data on your Xbox One can get corrupted, leading to error 913 situations. Clearing this cache forces the game to rebuild it with fresh files. On the Roblox app page, select Manage Game and Add-ons. Under Saved Data, select Reserved space and clear it. A full power cycle can be accomplishedby 10 seconds of keeping the power button down or until the console turns off. Turn it back on and try launching Roblox again.

  1. From My Games & Apps, press Menu on Roblox.
  2. Select Manage Game and add-ons.
  3. Go to Saved Data > Reserved Space > Clear All
  4. Hold the Xbox power button for 10 seconds to power cycle.
  5. Launch Roblox after Xbox reboots.

Fix 5: Check for Xbox One system update.

In rare instances, the issue may arise from system-level problems with the Xbox One OS. Navigate to Settings > System > Updates and check if any important console firmware updates are available. Install them and choose the Reboot Now option. Also, examine your Xbox One storage – delete unused games and apps or consider upgrading to a larger HDD if you run out of free space, which can sometimes interfere with Roblox.

  1. Go to Settings > System > Updates & downloads.
  2. If any system updates are pending, install them.
  3. After the update, reboot the console when prompted.
  4. Check free HDD space under Settings > System > Storage.
  5. Remove unused games & apps to increase available storage.

Final Thoughts

Error code 913 can be pesky for Roblox gamers on Xbox One, but this issue can usually be resolved with systematic troubleshooting and step-by-step solutions. Updating the Roblox app, tweaking network settings, verifying Xbox Live connectivity, clearing the in-game cache, and checking for console firmware updates are common techniques to fix error 913. With some diligent testing and patience to retry the suggested fixes, Roblox fans can get back to enjoying a smooth gaming experience on their Xbox One.


Why do I get error code 913 in Roblox on my Xbox One?

This error typically occurs due to an outdated or glitched Roblox app, network connectivity problems, Xbox Live issues, or corrupted game files. The console may fail to connect to Roblox servers which causes error 913.

How can I update the Roblox app on my Xbox One to the latest version?

On your Xbox One dashboard, highlight the Roblox app tile and press the menu button on your controller. Select Manage game & add-ons > Updates and install any available Roblox updates. This could fix the buggy code causing error 913.

I use WiFi for my Xbox One. How can I troubleshoot my network connection?

Test your Xbox One’s WiFi signal strength in the network settings. If the signal is poor, move your console closer to the wireless router. Or connect via ethernet cable for faster, more reliable connectivity. Also, reboot your router and modem.

Does error code 913 mean there are issues with Xbox Live?

Sometimes. Check the Xbox Live status page at to see any ongoing Xbox Live outages or service problems that can prevent accessing Roblox. Also, sign out and back into your Xbox Live account on the console.

How do I clear the cache on Roblox to fix error code 913?

Highlight Roblox on your Xbox One dashboard, press the menu button, select Manage game & add-ons > Saved data > Reserved space > Clear all. This forces a fresh cache rebuild when you relaunch Roblox.

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