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How To Get Better FPS On A Laptop For Playing CS:GO

In CS:GO, are you always being shot up, or can’t get that kill you need due to low fps (frames per second)? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to share some tips and great gaming laptops you can get that will increase your fps exponentially, so you won’t miss out on being in first place, or at the top of the leaderboards.

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GPU Settings

An easy thing you could try is changing your resolution to a lower setting that would still be comfortable, but wouldn’t be as taxing to your CPU or memory. Another thing you could try is adjusting your screen’s “digital vibrance.” This particular setting will allow you to see enemy players easily as well, and most popular CS:GO players usually play with the digital vibrance at 70% or higher. Also keep in mind that even graphics card updates can slow your gaming down, so make sure all your graphic card updates are done. If you turn AA(Anti-Aliasing) off or to a lower setting, that should increase your gaming experience too.

Windows Settings

If you’re a Windows user, you should know that Windows has a nice little power management option. If you search on your computer’s control panel for “power options” and select it, next a window will pop up, and there will be two options: “balanced,” and “high performance.” If you select high performance, you should see higher performance in CS:GO, and in any other of the games you play. Also with Windows 10, there’s a new option called “Game Bar.” Game Bar takes up CPU and will slow down your games some, but thankfully you can turn this option off, which will, in turn, increase your fps.

CS:GO Settings

Finally, we have CS:GO launch settings. If you go to CS:GO in your steam library and right click it, there will be an option to set the launch settings. What you want to put in your launch settings is (minus quotes, of course): “-console,” “-novid,” “-freq 144,” and “-tickrate 128.” “-console” opens the console when you launch the game, “-novid” skips the valve intro video or helps you get into the game faster, “-freq 144” sets your refresh rate to 144 (it’s suggested that you set it to your monitor’s refresh rate), and “-tickrate 128” means that your offline server will refresh 128 times a second (basically this just means that it knows what’s going on, and it makes everything more accurate on the offline server).


Overclocking isn’t really recommended, especially for people who don’t know what they are doing, as it can destroy your CPU, GPU, and RAM if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. All overclocking does is speed up your RAM, GPU, and CPU so they work harder, in turn giving you better performance. However, if you’ve got the experience and know your way around your machine, then by all means, you could definitely give it a shot. Overclocking obviously has its benefits, as it speeds up your RAM, CPU, and GPU so that they work harder than normal, and increases your fps to a decent rate that will satisfy you. So, as you can see, it offers some good things, and some not so good things, but depending on what you’re willing to try, it has the potential to help improve your gaming experience.

Optimization Utilities

Still having trouble with your fps? Your computer can run a lot in the background, some things necessary, and some not so necessary. Windows has a built in tool that can help turn these pesky applications off, or there are some third party tools that can help. Take Razer Cortex, for example; this application in particular will turn programs off that you don’t need at that moment. Windows also came out with an update called the “Creators Update.” With this update, there is an option that prioritizes your game, so it will turn off background applications that you’re not using or don’t need right then, which optimizes your gaming experience. All you have to do is just flip it off after you’re done playing.


Usually there is a fps counter built into the game, but that isn’t the case all the time. There are some third party programs like Fraps that tell you the fps you’re running at. Knowing the fps your game is running at helps you to know how much messing around with the graphics you’ll need to do, so you don’t have to go overboard trying to optimize your computer settings. Generally you want over 25 fps, otherwise it looks like an old lady trying to eat soup. It’s good to have around 60 to 100 fps, but 25 is bearable.

Gaming Laptops

If the settings we suggested earlier are not working for you, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to a better gaming laptop, which is great because then you can get a better view as well as better fps on games like CS:GO.

Alienware 13

Alienware 13 comes with Windows 10, 7th gen intel core i5 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 2GB graphics card, 13 inch HD Anti-Glare 200-nits Display, and 8GB DDR4 2400MHz of memory, although I suggest buying a couple 16GB memory cards and putting those in depending on how computer savvy you are.

Razer Blade

As a runner up, we have the Razer Blade, which comes with 280 Ghz CPU, 14 inch no-touch screen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card.), and now you can choose 16 or 30 GB worth of memory. As a plus, this particular laptop is very thin compared to most gaming laptops at 0.07 inches.

Acer Predator 15

The last gaming laptop we suggest for you is the Acer Predator 15, which is a great laptop for running CS:GO and other games like it. This laptop has a GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, 16GB of memory, and an intel core i7 6th gen 2.60 GHz. Although this laptop isn’t as small as the Razer Blade, it offers great performance and doesn’t cost as much compared to most gaming laptops.

Our Take

Today we covered quite a bit, talking about some settings you can set to fix your fps and if that didn’t work, there’s some really good gaming laptops out there you could buy to fix your fps issues. Personally, I have not had any fps issues after changing my settings accordingly, and as a plus, the settings previously mentioned don’t just work with CS:GO, but with other fps and MOBA games as well. So whether you decide to tinker around with the settings or go all out and pick up a brand new laptop, you should be all set to go out there and “shoot ‘em up” with your newly unleashed fps.

Best CSGO Gaming Laptop 2017 Link Brand Link Price on
Acer Acer Predator 15 Gaming Laptop 1649
Alienware Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop 1569
Razer Razer Blade Touchscreen Gaming Laptop Check Price

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