How to Raise Your MMR in Dota 2

If you’re an avid Dota 2 gamer, chances are you’ve wondered how to raise your MMR while playing, especially if you’re hoping to get to the top of those leaderboards. So today, we’re going to cover exactly what MMR means, and how to accomplish it with the best characters to fit your playing style. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about MMR in Dota 2.

What is MMR?

If you’re not familiar with MMR, it stands for “Match Making Rating.” This rating basically determines who you will be paired with and who your enemies will be, so that you’re not paired with others who have higher or lower skill sets than you. Overall, this makes the game a lot more fun, because you’re paired with equal opponents.

How to Raise your MMR

The only way to raise your MMR in Dota 2 is to win more matches. Now, don’t get me wrong, Dota 2  isn’t just about winning. You have to organize with your team, finding the best strategy to divide and conquer, and so on. Although you need to win to raise your overall MMR, you won’t be to do so without the teamwork aspect.

What Role is Best for You?

Now, because your team is made up of individuals, you need to make sure you’re playing the best character for your playing style. If you’re not comfortable in your role, your team won’t be as strong as it could be, so let’s take a minute to look at the different available roles.

In Dota 2, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of different roles. Durable, Nuker, and Support are just a few of them, but don’t be overwhelmed. With a little research, as well as just trying out some different roles, you’ll be on your way to moving up on those MMR charts in no time.

Strategies and Roles

The best strategies to win, and therefore raise your MMR, really depend on what role you’re playing, and what role is the best fit for you. For example, if you’re playing Durable, it is one of the most helpful assets on a team because it’s the front-line defender, taking the majority of the hit and aggro off of other teammates, also sometimes referred to as the “tank.” So really, as I mentioned before, it’s all in what you’re comfortable with doing. If you typically prefer more roles focused on support rather than holding the enemies from your team, then Durable may not be the best role to go with.

Once you find out what kind of roles you best enjoy playing, stick with it! It’s easy to hop from role to role, continually playing each one a little here and there, but not really getting skilled. The thing is, you can always try out other roles, so if your goal is to get to the top and raise your MMR, your best bet is to focus on getting great at one, or two roles at the most for now.

As for strategies, we’ll give you some pointers on a few of the most popular roles, which are Durable, Nuker, and Support.


We already talked about this role a little bit before, but it is, In my opinion,  the most Important role. All you have to do is take this character down one of the three lanes you have before you (which have different obstacles), and you’ll essentially be leading your team rather than just being on the team. Durable initiates the fight for the team. This character is not the easiest role to play at first, but you’ll grow more accustomed to it as you go on.

While there isn’t necessarily a set strategy for playing Durable, there are specific items in the marketplace available for you to purchase. After killing beasts in the jungle or trash on the lanes, you receive gold. These items at the marketplace, between potions, weapons, and different armor, are able to increase your strength and your damage output.

The Nuker

Playing a Nuker, you play a vital role in making sure the enemy is successfully obliterated. This role is recommended you stay near a Support, Escape and an Initiator. There are two different ways to play a Nuker. The first way is best saved for large battles, because while it has high mana, but it comes at the cost of a higher cooldown as well. So while it can do a lot of damage at once, you do end up having to wait on those cooldowns.

The second way is lower mana, but it comes with a lower cooldown. These are called “gankers.” The neat thing about these is that while you have access to lower mana, you also have those lower cooldowns. So while you mana rebuilds, you can usually spam different, smaller attacks that really do help your team.

The Support

This role helps a ton. Your job as a Support is to make sure the teammates you’re with are properly buffed and and ready to attack the enemy tower or player. This role is easy to catch onto and most favored by those of us who enjoy staying back while buffing and healing the team. When, and if, you decide to play the Support role, you should look around for either a Nuker or a Durable and follow one of them, in case they come to an encounter with the enemy. Keep in mind that your role in the match is to make sure the group you’re following is buffed properly and the enemies you come across are being disabled as well.

Our Take

All in all, it’s important to remember that gaining MMR takes time. The strategies we talked about today should help you get there soon, but it’s just as important to gain the skills as you go so that when you do finally make it to the top, you can stay there.