How to Scan and Repair Overwatch 2

How to Scan and Repair Overwatch 2? Overwatch 2 is the free-to-play sequel to Blizzard’s team-based shooter, Overwatch. As with any complex online multiplayer game, you may sometimes encounter errors, crashes or performance issues while playing Overwatch 2. Many times, the cause behind these problems are corrupted or missing game files. Fortunately, Blizzard provides an easy way to scan and repair your Overwatch 2 installation through the desktop app. This guide will show you how to use this feature to fix bugs and issues by repairing game files.

Scan and Repair Overwatch 2

Launch the App

First, you need to open the desktop app on your PC. This is the main game portal through which you can access all your Blizzard games including Overwatch 2. will also handle any game file scans and repairs.

Once launched, will automatically log you in using your Blizzard account credentials. You should see the Overwatch 2 icon on the left sidebar indicating it is installed.

Click on the Overwatch 2 Icon

With open, click on the Overwatch 2 icon to bring up the game page. This will display options to launch, uninstall or configure the game.

Access the Options Menu

Now click on the Options menu (cog wheel icon) next to the Play button for Overwatch 2. This will open a dropdown with various management options for the game.

Select Scan and Repair

In the Options menu, click on the “Scan and Repair” entry. This will initiate Blizzard’s game file verification tool which checks for and fixes corruption issues.

Begin the Scan Process

A prompt will pop up asking if you want to begin the scan and repair process. Click on the “Begin Scan” button to start.

Wait for the Scan to Finish

Scanning will now commence. Progress bars will indicate which game files are currently being verified. The time taken usually ranges from a few minutes to an hour depending on your hardware. Wait patiently for the scan to complete.

Restart Overwatch 2

Once finished, the app will display “Scan and Repair Complete”. You can now launch Overwatch 2 again to check if your issues are resolved. Restarting after a repair ensures maximum stability.

Alternative Repair Option

An alternative repair method is to uninstall and reinstall Overwatch 2 using Click the Options menu > Uninstall to completely remove the game. Then restart your system and install Overwatch 2 again. This achieves the same effect as a scan and repair.

Why Scan and Repair Helps

Scanning identifies missing, corrupted, out of date or incorrect game files on your PC and downloads the latest correct version of each file from Blizzard’s servers. This fixes bugs, crashes, performance problems and more.

Repairing Overwatch 2 forces any changed game files to be reverted back to their original state deleting any improperly modified entries. This resolves potential conflicts and inconsistencies.

Together, scanning and repairing ensures all game files are intact, complete and identical to what the developers intended providing a stable Overwatch 2 experience.

Improves Performance

Damaged or outdated files can degrade in-game performance leading to low FPS, stuttering, freezing and lag. Repairing restores optimal file integrity so you get smooth, high FPS gameplay.

Fixes Crashes

If important game files are corrupted, Overwatch 2 may fail to start or crash to desktop consistently. Scanning identifies and repairs the damaged files, allowing normal game launch.

Resolves Bugs

Bugs arise when code instructions in files execute incorrectly. By reverting affected files back to originals,repairing eliminates many gameplay, UI, graphics and other bugs.

Installs Updates

Scan checks your game file versions versus latest updates on Blizzard servers. Any outdated or missing files get updated/replaced ensuring game is fully patched.

Saves Reinstall Time

Reinstalling Overwatch 2 means having to re-download up to 50GB of data which takes hours. Scan and repair is faster, targeted and requires only small downloads to fix files.

Retains Settings

Repair does not touch your in-game account, stats, configurations, settings or keybinds. So you avoid losing customizations that a full reinstall would wipe.\

It is good practice to periodically scan and repair Overwatch 2 through the app to fix crashes, bugs, lag and other issues caused by game file corruption. The process is simple, fast and safe to perform. Following this guide, you will be able to optimize your Overwatch 2 game files and enjoy a smooth gameplay experience.

How to Scan and Repair Overwatch 2 FAQ

  1. How often should I scan and repair Overwatch 2?

    Scanning every few weeks helps avoid major file corruption. Do it if you face sudden crashes or performance drops.

  2. Will my progress/items be lost after repairing?

    No, only damaged game files are fixed. Your unlockables, currency, cosmetics and settings remain intact.

  3. Can Scan and Repair improve lag/high ping?

    It fixes files causing performance problems leading to lag/high ping. But issues like server distance or network congestion need other solutions.

  4. Does scanning work if Overwatch 2 is locked at “Updating”?

    Cancel any pending updates and restart as admin. Then scan and repair normally.

  5. Will repairing ban my account or flag it for cheating?

    No, repairing only touches game files. Your account status/reputation stays unmodified and secure.

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