10 Best X470 Motherboards for AMD in 2023

A motherboard is an integral part of the computer, so a good or bad one can make a huge difference in the performance of your system. The same thing applies to the processor. They both work hand-in-hand to provide excellent computing performance.

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Moreover, we cannot neglect the fact that after releasing the second-generation processors, AMD has made a big impact in the processor industry. Yes, the first generation AMD processor had a successful launch, but it was still missing some basics. That is exactly what the second-generation processor corrected

Now, several motherboards are flooding the market that is compatible with the AMD processor. If you are looking to pick the right motherboard for your AMD X470 processor, there are a plethora of options for you. However, you have to choose wisely.

Choosing the best X470 Motherboards for AMD

To keep up with AMD, its add-in board partners began releasing some motherboards based on the X470 chipset. There is now a long list of these types of motherboards, which makes it a bit more difficult to choose the right one. But we have taken a rigorous process to select the 10 best X470 motherboards for AMD processor.

The motherboards were selected based on different criteria because we wanted to make sure we are covering something for everyone.

Read on to find out which one is most compatible with your system.

Best X470 Motherboards for AMD

1) MSI Performance Gaming Motherboard

MSI has always been at the forefront of things, producing the best motherboards the market has ever seen. This one is no exception!

It is an impressive motherboard with lots of features, which add to its compatibility and flexibility. This motherboard boasts of supreme Bios features and excellent memory capabilities. It comes with a readable code onboard and a USB bios update. Moreover, if you are looking for a motherboard that stands steadfast during overclocking, you will never go wrong with this one. In addition to the overclocking strength, the MSI gaming motherboard is great at heat dissipation as well.

There are several other reasons why this motherboard stands out in the market.

One thing you will notice about this board is the fact that it is equipped with powerful features and a plethora of options for customization. Again, the board has Mystic Light Sync, which synchronizes the LEDs and gaming rig in one click. Besides, it is interesting to note that the motherboard is built with a premium layout with a core boost.

As a gaming motherboard, it is specifically designed for enthusiastic gamers who are looking for the most powerful systems to play their favorite games. Apart from gamers, some other users will benefit immensely from the motherboard.

If you are a graphics designer, an architect, or someone who makes use of tough data, a system with a powerful motherboard will come in handy. That is exactly what this MSI gaming motherboard will offer.

This one is designed for better performance and to support more cores than the previous model. Gamers looking for low latency when playing games will love the motherboard. There are so many reasons why we think you should have this motherboard. Although it is not the cheapest, the value you will get far supersedes the cost price.

If you are looking for the Best X470 Motherboards for AMD, this model will great for you.

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2) ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero Motherboard

Do you like motherboards that allow additional features and customization, or you love driving your system to the limit? Well, if any of that represents your taste, you will love everything about the ASUS AM4 DDR4 motherboard. This is one of the Best X470 Motherboards for AMD if you are looking for the best overclocking features.

 The board is equipped with Three RGB headers and RGB lighting, which offers support for different light strips. In addition to the RGB headers, it also features M.2 slots, with one of the slots cooled with the integrated heatsink.

You will also love the fact that the audio setup uses industry-leading Realtek’s ALC1220 technology. This is not like the other Realtek audio system because it comes with some amplifiers to enhance audio performance. That makes it one of the Best X470 Motherboards for AMD, especially for audio performance.

We carried out an overclocking test on this motherboard and we were not disappointed with the performance. We set the core volt at 1.4V with 3200MHz frequency and took the performance to the highest overclocked speed levels. The result showed that the motherboard was impressively stable as the system showed a frequency of 4.1 GHz across all eight cores.

It’s powered by the 7th generation Athlon AMD processors for maximum speed and connectivity. It also features Gigabit LAN, front panel USB Gen2, as well as dual NVMe M.2.

Furthermore, there is a Fan Xpert 4 and 5 Way Optimization feature which automatically tailors your overclocking needs and maximizes cooling performance.

There are pre-mounted I/O shields for streamlined installation. You will also love the fact that it comes with Industry-leading 8 channel HQ audio that features onboard LED illumined design and driven by Japanese capacitors. Overall, if you’re looking for the ideal motherboard fro your X470, this is certainly one of the Best X470 Motherboards for AMD you can have in the market right now.

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3) ASUS ROG Strix ATX Motherboard

Here is another impressive gaming motherboard that is compatible with the AMD X470 processor. When you compare this unit with other X470 motherboards, it may seem too expensive. However, the extra features you get with this one justifies the additional price.

First, the ROG Strix title alone indicates quality. Also, it comes with excellent features that would not compromise, no matter how hard you want to push your system. If you are looking to build a tough system using the X470 chipset, you are certainly going to need the toughest motherboard to do that. Some motherboards’ may not be strong enough to give you exactly what you want. Fortunately, this ASUS ROG Strix motherboard has the right features for whatever type of PC you need.

It comes with 4 RAM slots with the capacity of running up to 64 GB of memory, at 3600MHz, which is impressive.

Another interesting feature is the 5-Way optimization capability, allowing the best overclocking results for the system. It automatically tailors cooling and overclocking profiles for your rig.

And with the M.2 heatsink feature, the M.2 drive will remain stable and cold. Also, the motherboard has multiple PCIe slots, which means you can have AMD 3-way CrossFireX or Nvidia 2-Way SLI for a multi GPU setup.

Although it doesn’t come with Wi-Fi, there are other options for you. It comes with Intel Gigabyte Ethernet with LAN guard, making it easy to transfer files the fastest way possible. Additionally, the motherboard has Sonic Studio III and SupremeFX S1220A technology, providing great sound without any need for more sound features. If you are looking for premium quality and performance, this ROG Strix motherboard is one of the best x470 motherboards for AMD you can have.

It supports the Windows operating system and comes with all the features synonymous with the ASUS ROG brand. These include Industry-leading 8 channel HD, pre-mounted I/O shield, Aura Sync RGB lighting technology, as well as connective features like Gigabit LAN.

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4) ASUS ROG Strix Crosshair VI Hero with Wi-Fi

This has a striking resemblance with the ASUS ROG Strix Crosshair VII Hero we listed here. However, while that model does not come with a Wi-Fi feature, this one does.

That is the main difference between both motherboards, although they come at the same price. Another difference is this model is a small factor form board. It’s one of the very few Mni-ITX boards in the market for X470. Just like its sister model, you will have all the top features you will need for overclocking and extreme cooling ability.

It is powered by the AMD Ryzen 7th generation Athlon processor, which maximizes speed and connectivity with features like Gigabit LAN, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, USB 3.1 Gen2, as well as M.2.

Additionally, there is a unique 8-channel HD audio system with ROG exclusive SupremeFX technology, LED-illuminated jacks, as well as dual headphone amplifiers.

Moreover, the pre-mounted I/O shield provides easy installation, which shows the brand’s attention to detail.

There are very few mini-ITX motherboards available for the X470 platform, but this board retains the title as one of the best x470 motherboards for AMD. The motherboard offers great connectivity and has good aesthetics, despite its small form factor size.

This ROG Strix has two PCIe 3.0 slots, which makes it possible to utilize two complete speed NVMe speeds. But remember that using the full speed will reduce the speeds of the PCI E Express x16 by half. This difference will come into play when you are running highly demanding games, but it won’t be very visible with normal games.

Apart from the features above, this motherboard offers 6-phase VRM design, four SATA ports, three-pin addressable RGB headers, an M.2 heatsink, as well as three fan headers for extreme cooling. It keeps the system cool, especially when under intensive use or during overclocking.

However, there are no headers for the rear or any USB Type-C for that purpose as well.

This ASUS motherboard provides a reasonable UEFI interface for overclocking and tweaking. Whether you want to go as high as 4.25 GHz on all cores, one thing that is certain about the board is the stability. As a result, this motherboard is ideal for anyone looking to build the most powerful mini-ITX system. The only issue you will face is having to lose some options for expansion.

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5) ASROCK AMD X470 Chip Set ATX Motherboard

Thanks to the cogwheel-shaped heatsink on the ASROCK chipset, this Asrock motherboard can be easily recognized among several assemblages of X470 motherboards. Its unique design makes it stand out, not only for aesthetics but for performance as well. Nevertheless, it is more expensive than an average motherboard, which won’t mean much for someone looking for performance. If you would not mind sending extra dollars for a top-performing board, this is one of the best x470 motherboards for AMD.

ASROCK ATX motherboard offers support to four AMD or Nvidia graphics cards through dual steel-reinforced PCIe x 16 slots. For add-on card expansion, the board also provides two additional PCIe x 1 slots.

In addition to the features above, the board also has two M.2 NVMe connectors and eight SATA ports. As a result, there will be no issues regarding storage expansion.

It is strong enough to accommodate about 64GB of DDR4 memory with a frequency of up to 3,466 MHz. Although some boards in this list have faster RAM compatibility, this is also a respectable speed level.

There is a wide range of RGB and fan connectors equipped in the ASROCK motherboard. It offers jumpers for those with cabinets with front panel USB type-C. Additionally, there is a wireless AC built-in and a clear CMOS button, plus ALC 1220 audio and Gigabyte Ethernet. The peripheral and storage performance is also great.

In terms of performance, this X470 motherboard ticks all the boxes. It is one of the best x470 motherboards for AMD if you are looking for a formidable gaming solution. It may not be the best when it comes to meeting BIOS options, but those looking for a tough and highly efficient X4709 motherboard will love this one.

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6) ASUS Crosshair VII Hero Motherboard

ASUS Crosshair VII is one of the latest models of the ASUS products, following the successful introduction of the other crosshair versions.

It is the ATX form factor product of the ASUS model, and it comes equipped with lots of features. This one has 64 GB dual-channel DDR4-SDRAM memory support, with lots of connectivity features.

Some top features of the board includes USB 3.1 Gen2 type A and Type-C, 8xUSB 3.1 Gen1 ports, 1 x clear CMOS, 1 x Optical S/PDIF out, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x LAN (Rj45) as well as 1 x PS/2 keyboard/mouse.

Although this is probably the most expensive among the best x470 motherboards for AMD, you will get all the features to build any type of X470 AMD system. That is guaranteed!

It comes with Dual M.2 running at PCI-E 3 x 4 direct to CPU. It also has 4 USB 2.0 ports, 12 USB 3.0 ports, and a USB 3.1 Type 2 headers.

With a 3-years manufacturer warranty, you will always get the best value for your money whether you are a gamer, a graphics designer, or someone who uses a system more frequently.

Also, the VRMs at 8 core using 2700X remains cool at 4.2. Besides, the memory support is very strong.

Unlike some other motherboards, ASUS Crosshair VII Hero has a Wi-Fi feature for a fast connection. There is also the Ethernet feature in case you want to go old school.

Capping up the positive features of this motherboard, you will enjoy LN2 capabilities, LED diagnostics on the board, CMOS, Flashback, excellent VRM, and several connections.

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7) ASROCK AMD X470 ATX Motherboard

Here is another AsRock AMD X470 motherboard for good overclocking and 4K gaming. It’s a nice choice for someone in need of the best x470 motherboards for AMD Ryzen processor. It’s also more affordable than some other options on this list, but it doesn’t lack serious features.

For its affordable price, you will have all the features you will see in renowned and more expensive models, including RGB lights on heatsinks, pre-mounted I/O shield, as well as a metallic heatsink.

The board offers RAM speed support for up to 3466 MHz. It may not be close to what some other motherboards have, but it will serve whatever purpose you want.

You will be fine when you make use of any RAM above 3000 MHz, so there’s no problem with compatibility and gaming performance and mainstream applications.

Additionally, it is equipped with dual PCI Express x 16 slots, which are supported for extra strength, allowing you to install the multi-GPU with ease.

This AsRock X470 motherboard provides a lot more features than what most boards within its class can offer. However, it may not give you the best performance among motherboards in the market. The board is the best when you compare its features with other similarly-priced boards.

So, if you are looking for something more spectacular, this board may not be the right choice for you. In that case, you can make your choice from other boards we have listed here. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly board that can give you the best value for money, you have hit a jackpot with this.

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8) ASROCK AMD X470 Chip Set ATX Motherboard

ASRock Taichi X470 motherboard is the flagship product of the AsRock X470 motherboard brand. As a result, the brand manufactured this one with a clear focus on performance.

To show that it’s ready for performance, the motherboard comes with an additional Aquantia AQ107 10GB-based network port, making it the fastest network ports among X470 motherboards.

Additionally, it features the Realtek ALC1220 audio codec to enhance an already impressive aesthetics and improve audio performance as well.

It’s more expensive than the average X470 motherboard, which means there are lots of expectations from the motherboard. Thankfully, it did not disappoint.

Taichi provides unique styling for the PCB, which looks like mechanical logs. This same styling is also replicated with the chipset heatsink.

Taichi Ultimate also has a single HDMI 1.4b output for users who are looking to utilize new Ryzen 2000 series APUs. This is especially important because some of the other motherboards with this feature are almost as twice as expensive as the Taichi Ultimate.

However, AsRock chose not to install any USB 2.0 ports at the rear panel. Instead, it chose to install two USB 3.1 ports and six USB 3.0 Type-A ports

Apart from the USB section, other parts of the motherboard ‘s panel contain the Intel-based 802.11ac Wi-Fi module, Aquantia AQ107 LAN port, Intel’s Gigabyte Ethernet, as well as Realtek ALC 1220 codec.

The motherboard has the right features to withstand high-level applications and high-intensity games. If you are looking for the best x470 motherboards for AMD, this motherboard will serve you well.

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9) AsRock Rack X470D4U Motherboard

Here is another AsRock ATX motherboard with compatibility features for X470 AMD processors. This one is also a tough one, with all the features for an excellent system build.

It comes with support for 2 x GLAN by Intel 1210, dedicated LAN ad integrated IPMI 2.0, maximum memory support of 64 GB, support for 6 x SATA 3.6, as well as support for Non-ECC UDIMM and 4x DDR4ECC. It also includes a VGA output, which does not need an APU.

One negative aspect of the motherboard is the closeness of the DDR4 to the CPU socket, preventing the board from taking some top-level coolers. That means the motherboard may not be compatible with some very good coolers because of its design. So, you need to make sure your system’s cooler can fit into good space when you get this motherboard.

Apart from the small flaw in the design, there is nothing wrong with this board, as it delivers absolute power for your PC build.

If you’re looking for something very affordable but with the right features to give you a strong backing for gaming and overclocking, this is the right system for you.

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10) ASRock Micro ATX Motherboard

This is the latest model of the AsRock X470 motherboard brand. It also has similar features with the AsRock motherboard we listed above, but a bit more expensive. This ATX motherboard is one of the best x470 motherboards for AMD, especially if you want to have all the rich features for an excellent system build.

If offers support for both the first and second generations of AMD processors, with DIMM slots that allow you to use up to 3600 MHz memory. It has a maximum capacity of 64 GG, and a SafeSlot GPU slot to keep your graphics card in optimum conditions, irrespective of the size.

Additionally, there is a heatsink and an M.2 to keep the temperature at a steady level. With the use of Aura RGB ion the motherboard, the design of this unit makes it quite compatible and unique.

Overclocking with this motherboard is not a big deal, because it will remain steady. Overall, it is one of the best x470 motherboards for AMD if you want a very tough board that improves performance.

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