How to Dive in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Dive in Final Fantasy XIV? Being able to explore the depths of the ocean is an exciting feature in Final Fantasy XIV, first introduced in the Stormblood expansion. Diving opens up new areas to discover and collect resources from. This guide will cover how to unlock diving, how it works, and where you can explore underwater.

Unlocking the Diving Ability

In order to dive in FFXIV, you first need to unlock the ability by progressing through the Stormblood expansion’s main scenario questline. Specifically, you will gain diving during the level 63 quest “In Soroban We Trust.”

To reach this quest, you must first complete the level 62 quest “Under the Sea” which has you travel to Tamamizu, an underwater village within the Ruby Sea zone. After arriving in Tamamizu and meeting with Alisaie, you will enter a cave and dive underwater, triggering a cutscene.

Finishing “In Soroban We Trust” will then permanently unlock diving for your character. If you don’t own Stormblood, you won’t have access to these prerequisite quests.

How to Dive Underwater

  1. Keyboard/Mouse: Press CTRL + Spacebar

    Keyboard control for dive

    This will make you diver underwater when using keyboard.

  2. Controller: Press the Circle/B button

    Controller b button to dive

    This will make you dive underwater when using controller.

This will cause you to dive underwater. To surface, press Jump.

You can dive anywhere with deep enough water. Good spots include the Ruby Sea, Yanxia areas, and Lakeland lakes.

If mounted on a flying mount above water, you can also dive straight down into the water automatically.

Underwater Controls

Here are the basic controls while swimming underwater:

  • WASD/Left Stick: Move around
  • Mouse/Right Stick: Aim camera
  • Spacebar/A/X: Ascend
  • Left Ctrl/B/O: Descend
  • Num Pad 8/L1: Swim up
  • Num Pad 2/R1: Swim down
  • Num Pad 4/6: Turn left/right

It takes some getting used to, but you’ll soon be swimming around with ease. Take some time to get comfortable diving into the depths.

Where You Can Explore Underwater

Here are some of the key areas and content you can experience underwater in FFXIV:

  • The Ruby Sea: Large open sea zone with shipwrecks, ruins, and caves to discover.
The Ruby Sea
  • Yanxia: Has ponds and flooded areas to dive into, like the One River.
  • Lakeland: Features large lakes with treasures hidden below.
  • Spearfishing: New gathering method introduced in Stormblood you can take up.
  • Aether Currents: Some are obtained by diving to reach them.
  • Quests: Certain side quests and class quests involve diving.

Plus, Shadowbringers and Endwalker also have select portions of the main story where you get to dive. There’s lots to see beneath the surface!

Tips for Underwater Exploration

Here are some useful tips to make the most of diving in Final Fantasy XIV:

  • Use a swimming mount like the Sea Lion to move faster. Flying mounts can also dive!
  • Adjust your camera angle to see easier underwater.
  • Look for bubbles coming from the sea/lakebed indicating interactable items.
  • Bring water-breathing potions if needing extended time underwater.
  • Spearfishing is great for obtaining fish and items you can’t get otherwise.
  • Check the map for current locations to see where you can dive into.
  • Pay attention to your breath gauge if it ever gets added in the future.

Take your time and don’t rush when first learning to maneuver underwater. There’s a whole world beneath the surface to experience!

Diving Opens Up New Possibilities

The ability to dive underwater introduces brand new areas and gameplay to enjoy in Final Fantasy XIV once unlocked in Stormblood. Take your time getting used to the underwater controls and camera. Then start exploring the depths to find hidden treasures and complete unique quests that were previously inaccessible to you. Mastering diving opens up an entirely new side of the world!

How to Dive in Final Fantasy XIV FAQ

  1. What level do you get diving in FFXIV?

    You unlock diving during the level 63 Stormblood main scenario quest “In Soroban We Trust.”

  2. Can you drown in FFXIV?

    Currently there is no drowning or breath meter when diving. You can stay underwater indefinitely without issue.

  3. Where are the best places to dive in FFXIV?

    Great diving spots include the Ruby Sea, Yanxia ponds, Lakeland lakes, and any new Shadowbringers/Endwalker areas with water.

  4. Does diving work in ARR or Heavensward zones?

    Unfortunately you can only dive in Stormblood, Shadowbringers, and Endwalker zones where it is specifically enabled.

  5. Do mounts work underwater in FFXIV?

    Yes, flying mounts will dive with you underwater and can be ridden to swim fast. The Sea Lion is also a specialized water mount.

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