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How to fix issues that occurs during Windows 10 upgrade [Troubleshooting Guide]

When Microsoft launched their newest operating system–Windows 10–many PC owners that were using Windows OS have experienced some issues upgrading their system. The problems occurred mostly to older version and during the update itself, they got stuck at certain percentage. We will tackle this issue in this post and we can recommend troubleshooting procedures to

How to manually check your desktop computer’s Power Supply Unit (PSU) to know if it’s still working [Troubleshooting Guide]

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the main component that powers up your system unit. If electricity is the blood of your computer, then the PSU is the heart as it properly distributes electric current to the motherboard, hard disks, drives, ports, etc. In other words, it’s important that you have a PSU that functions

How to fix your Windows 10 PC that has a very sluggish performance [Troubleshooting Guide]

There are several factors involved when it comes to Windows 10 performance issue. This newest Windows operating system is quite large and it is commonly used for newer PC that has higher processor and video ratings that most owners with older OS version misunderstood. More often, PC owners to weren’t successful in upgrading their computers

How to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen of Death before and after login [Troubleshooting Guide]

The Windows operating system is not new to this kind of issue in fact, all of the previous Windows versions had experienced it and now, Windows 10 users are complaining of the same thing. There’s only two scenarios that might trigger this; first, turning on the PC and can’t enter the username and password; second,

How to troubleshoot Dell Inspiron AC adapter that’s not turning on or doesn’t charge

Today we give you some troubleshooting tips on how to fix a non-functional #DellInspiron AC adapter. We hope you’ll find it helpful. Before we proceed to the main topic, we would like to remind you that we accept requests for assistance regarding their Windows computers. If you have a problem that you can’t seem to

How to fix a Windows 10 laptop that has stopped charging [troubleshooting guide]

Just like any other Windows 10 issue, there are several possible reasons why a laptop may stop charging. In this troubleshooting article, we discuss the possible reasons and solutions how to fix your laptop if it has stopped charging for no obvious reason. Before we proceed to the main topic though, we would like to

How to troubleshoot your Dell Inspiron notebook battery

If your #DellInspiron notebook appears to be showing some battery hiccups lately, our suggestions below may help. Today’s troubleshooting article provides solutions to common symptoms of Dell battery issues. We hope you’ll find our suggestions helpful. Before we proceed to the main topic, we would like to remind you that we accept requests for assistance

How to avoid problems after installing Windows updates

Microsoft regularly releases patches or updates to its Windows operating system. We know that updates are as important as security programs themselves but sometimes, problems can appear out of the blue after installing them. Although users who experience severe problems after a system update would like to think Microsoft intentionally bricks their computers, it does

Revert your PC settings to its working state: Recovery options for Windows 10

There can be number of reasons why one would want to revert Windows 10 settings but two of the common ones include (a) experiencing a problem you can’t seem to fix, and (b) second is if you plan to give away or sell your computer. Whatever your reason is, you’re in luck as there are

How To Fix 5 Common USB Flash Drive Problems

In the early days of computing carrying your data or computer files around requires that you have a floppy disk. You can only store a little over 1MB of data on these disks which is great for storing your spreadsheet or document files.   Today, you can easily carry around over 100GB of data with