How To Install A New Graphics Card In your Desktop Computer

Have you ever wondered why your desktop computer, despite having a powerful processor and huge RAM, still lags when playing the latest PC games? The problem could be with the graphics card that you are using. You might be using the integrated graphics card that comes with the motherboard or you might be using a

How to check if PSU is causing your PC won’t turn on issue

If you are reading this post, you must be thinking that your computer’s Power Supply Unit (PSU) is either dead or malfunctioning. A PSU that’s not working properly often results to any of the  boot-related issues we cover in this previous post. Well, worry no more as you’re definitely in the right site to start

Top 10 Ways to Make Windows 10 Run Faster

Is your Windows 10 machine not performing as fast as it did? You have come to the right place as we will be discussing some of the common ways to make your laptop or desktop run faster. This will significantly improve your computing experience. Disable certain programs from running during startup A fresh install of

How to fix Adobe Flash errors in Chromebook [tutorial]

Any one who has used a computer for a few years now must have heard of Flash or Adobe Flash or Adobe Flash Player. In computing, all three can be used interchangeably. Flash has been around so millions of computer users must have come across it one way or another. If you happen to encounter

Easy ways to remove bloatware in your Windows 10 PC [tutorial]

If you have a new Windows 10 computer, chances are, it comes with a lot of programs that you may never use or need. These software surplus is commonly called bloatware. Computer makers usually install them on top of the operating system so they can also be called pre-installed apps in comparison to programs you

Easy steps to sync iPhone X to your Windows 10 PC [tutorial]

Since not every #iPhoneX user is a Mac fan, we’ve decided to create this brief tutorial to teach those wanting to sync their iOS device to a Windows 10 PC. Though syncing your iPhone X to a Windows machine is more complicated compared to the straightforward Mac to iPhone sync, it’s not rocket science at

How to add Mac Quick Look feature in your Windows 10 PC [tutorial]

One of the minor, yet very convenient features that came out of Apple’s OS X is the Quick Look feature, which gives a user an easier way to quickly preview a file by simply pressing the spacebar. Before Quick Look was introduced, a Mac user has to contend with waiting to launch the application that