Solutions to your PC gaming problems [troubleshooting guide]

PC gaming is fun until it stops being so. If you’re experiencing gaming problems on your computer, this post may help you fix it. In this article, we discuss some solutions to your PC gaming problems so keep reading and let us know in our feedback link below if they are working. Game is freezing,

How To Fix The Windows 10 BSOD Blue Screen of Death

What is the BSOD If you have been using the Windows operating system ever since the XP or 98 days then you will be familiar with the blue screen that will randomly appear on the screen interrupting whatever software that you are using. This blue screen is commonly called the blue screen of death and

How To Run Android Apps On Your Windows Computer

Android is best known for that operating system that makes mobile devices run. Developed by Google and based on the Linux platform it is not only present in smartphones but other devices as well such as televisions, cars, and wrist watches among others. It has become quite popular because its source code is open source