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8 Best Airflow Case for PC in 2020

Choosing the best airflow PC case can be crucial for the longevity of your PC, and protection of your hardware. With the tendency to overheat, your PC could suffer a lot if you use a PC case with bad design. Minor activities such as browsing the web should not be a problem, but if you

7 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Under $500 in 2020

Believe it or not, you can enjoy PC games on a Gaming Laptops Under $500. You don’t need a high-end machine to play your favorite games. And if you’re lucky and stumble upon a sale of a laptop with a dedicated graphics card, you won’t even be limited to casual games. Laptops have gotten pretty

7 Best Dual Monitor Video Card in 2020

5 Best Dual Monitor Video Card in 2019

People are into multi-tasking these days, even when using their computers. In fact, having 2 displays connected to the computer, both running at the same time, is the norm. With work being displayed on one, and a movie or a video game on the other, or sometimes playing with more than 2 monitors at once,

10 Best b450 Motherboards for AMD Ryzen in 2020

If you aim to build a new PC, you would want it to be as best as possible. Naturally, the only way to achieve this is to include the best components that you could find. Now, of all the components that you will need, the motherboard easily fits into the category of most important ones.

5 Best MMORPG Games for PC in 2020

Are you running into that awful problem, the one that all gamers hate, the one that leaves you with only your thoughts? That’s right; you’re out of games to play and you need a couple more! We think MMORPG’s are pretty amazing, just because they’re so interactive, full of adventure, and you can meet and

How To Turn Your Laptop Into A Retro Gaming Console

There’s a saying that goes “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. While I don’t know who specifically said this first I do know that working all the time can cause stress which is why we need to relax once in awhile. One of the bests way to relax is to play

5 Best Quiet Cases for Your Silent PC Build

Everyone knows that building a good PC means that you need to be careful when picking components. You need it to be as powerful as you can make it, depending on your funds and situation. However, you also want it to look good and be as silent as possible. This is why you need to

7 Best GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card for 2020

7 Best GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card for 2019

The GTX 1080 Ti is a gaming technology that harnesses the power to run heavy games at the common expense of cooling and power consumption. And it takes power to handle power. In fact, many gaming component companies are giving users the graphics card that fully brings out the performance of the 1080 Ti while

MSI vs ASUS Best Gaming Laptops in 2020

Picking the best laptop is not easy, considering how many manufacturers there are, and all of the available models that you have to choose from. You might think that if we focus on the two leaders in the field — MSI and Asus — the situation might be a bit easier. Unfortunately, this is also

9 Best Gaming Glasses in 2020

9 Best Gaming Glasses in 2019

Our eyes in the digital age are subject to abuse whether at work or at play. In fact, we find ourselves in front of gadgets and devices more than 8 hours a day, being exposed with different radiations that hurt the eyes. These radiations are called blue light and some being ultraviolet rays. Without eye

8 Best RGB Motherboard in 2020

If you thought that RGB fans were cool, just wait until you see our list of the best RGB motherboards that you can get in 2020. The list has quite a few of them, with different models being suited for different people’s needs. So, if you are building a PC, and you are looking for

9 Best Gaming Monitor for PS4 in 2020

7 Best Gaming Monitor for PS4 in 2019

The gaming technology running in the Sony PlayStation 4 is one of the best and most promising when it comes to rendering images and visuals at lightning fast speeds. Because of its quality, it needs to be paired with a gaming monitor that can keep up with performance demands to display every element that makes

8 Best RGB Fans in 2020

If you are building the best PC, and you want it to be stylish — you need the best RGB fans to accompany it. The case fans are crucial in order for your PC to remain nice and cool during long work, gaming, and even casual browsing sessions. After all, without the proper airflow, your

12 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2020

For the best, most immersive experience while playing your favorite games — you need to get the best gaming earbuds. Never underestimate the sounds in games, as they can be extremely important during stealth, and extremely satisfying when combat music kicks in. You could, of course, use headphones and headsets, but after a few hours,

10 Best Prebuilt Gaming PC in 2020

Getting the best prebuilt gaming PC is a perfectly valid option for those who do not know how to build their own PC, or do not care to do so. However, there are plenty of options in all price ranges, which might make it difficult to find the best option for a certain money range.

6 Best TV Tuner For PC In 2020

Have you ever wondered how you can watch TV right on your computer? It’s easier than ever today — many people can easily log into their TV subscription of choice with their credentials, and start streaming TV online. However, not everyone enjoys that method, and would instead use a more hardwired solution, such as a