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5 Best MMO Gaming Mouse in 2019

5 Best MMO Gaming Mice in 2019

Massively multiplayer online games are some of the demanding, not just in graphics or in needed specs for operation, but even in the mode of gameplay. Especially when you played fast-pacing games like Defenders of the Alliance, PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds, or Fortnite, you’ll know that every movement, every command, every second counts. This is the

5 Best 1440p Monitors in 2019

5 Best 1440p Monitors in 2019

Though many monitors offer options that enhance image quality, sometimes the default resolution doesn’t make the cut for sharper details or true-to-life colors. This is why 1440p monitors were invented, to provide a heightened, multiplied, viewing experience. Designed to not just please the image savvy, but also professionals when working on demanding projects, these huge

5 Best Dual Monitor Video Card in 2019

5 Best Dual Monitor Video Card in 2019

People are into multi-tasking these days, even when using their computers. In fact, having 2 displays connected to the computer, both running at the same time, is a norm. With work being displayed on one, and a movie or a video game on the other, or sometimes playing with more than 2 monitors at once,

5 Best Full Tower Case For PC In 2019

You’re looking around online, and you’re seeing that many of the top, cutting edge pre-built gaming PCs come in at some ridiculous prices. You know you can build your own for less than that, substantially less than that! Where do you get started, though? Well, the first step is to make sure that you have

5 Best Wall Mount Computer Case In 2019

Everyone wants to have a unique computer case when they build their own PC. They want not only their computer case to stand out, but they want their RGB-lit components to be in full view in order to show off their creation. There’s nothing wrong with that, but who wants to set that few thousand

5 Best Mini-ITX Case for Gaming PC In 2019

Gaming PCs tend to take up a lot of space around your desk, whether you’re setting it on the ground or somewhere on your desk. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, that can be a major problem, but luckily — as it seems with everything in 2019 and beyond —